The girls celebrate the imminent birth of Gina and Rome's baby, while Eddie searches for answers about Alex's death.
A Million Little Things - Mothers and Daughters
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This week's episode of A Million Little Things, Eddie delves into his past while Rome, Gina, and Gary look to the future. There's pretty much three core storylines this week, so let's break them up accordingly:

The Alex Mystery

Remember last week when Eddie was suddenly gripped with finding out what happened to a childhood friend named Alex after his sister mentioned her out of nowhere? Well, this week it's consuming him. So much so that after a phone call to Alex's sister, Eddie demands that his sister drive up to the lake with him to try and get some answers. Here's what we know so far, thanks to Eddie's sis' recollection of the evening Alex died: Eddie, Alex, and their two sisters were hanging out at the beach one night. They were all drinking and Eddie and Alex also did coke for the first time. The two sisters left the younger ones to it, but when Eddie didn't come and it was after midnight, his sister came looking for him, finding him passed out and soaking wet on the beach. She snuck him home and the next morning Alex's dead body was pulled from the water. Everyone was distraught, so Eddie's sis decided to cover up Alex's involvement in the whole thing. Eddie gets mad at his sister, telling her that he and his family were in a good place before she showed up. She tries to tell him they can forget the whole thing, but Eddie is determined to know the truth because lies lead to drinking.

When they arrive at the lake, nothing is doing much to trigger Eddie's memory. He can't tell if he's willfully blocking it out because he just doesn't want to know deep down. Then they're chased off the property by Alex's dad, who yells at Eddie, "How dare he come back here after everything he's done."

All of this is made worse by the fact that Katherine and Eddie are planning to renew their vows the very next day. Katherine has been busy fixing up the wedding dress she wore at her original nuptials while simultaneously getting her new practice off the ground. She's been having trouble wooing clients, but finally snags a big one and even finds some time to do relaxing breathing exercises with Theo. Honestly, Katherine is superwoman and if Eddie doesn't make it to that vow renewal ceremony next week... Well, if I was allowed out of my home, I'd go to Boston and do some damage.

Sparks Fly

Elsewhere, things are heating up between Gary and new love interest, Katherine's friend Darcy. Darcy tells Katherine about their romance as she helps her set up the office space for her firm. Maggie pops by with some artwork from her apartment (which she's packing up AGAIN before her move to England) and the two get along nicely, obviously neither realizes they have Gary in common. Later, Gary and Darcy hang out at the office space and when the electrics fuse, super-savvy Darcy goes about fixing them. This all leads to Gary and Darcy (I'm sorry guys but it's too easy a couple name: Garcy, it is!), getting locked in a closet and Darcy having a panic attack triggered by her PTSD from serving in the military. Ultimately though, it brings them closer and Gary opens up to her too, telling her about Maggie breaking his heart.

Later, Garcy heads back to G's place to spend the night together for the first time and as they're heading in the door, looking all close, who should spot them but Maggie, who's been feeling nostalgic about her relationship with Gary and has shown up (likely) to tell him she still loves him. Arghhhhhh, these two!!! 

Shower Power

It's baby shower time for Gina and her mom is feeling weird about the fact that she's invited birth mom Eve to be there too. Luckily, after a few rounds of Poopy Diaper (don't ask), Gina's mom comes to realize that Eve is pretty great and although she, Rome, and Gina are super close, she doesn't have anything to worry about. Elsewhere at the shower, Sophie overhears Delilah and Maggie talking about D's new lover and gets upset that her mom's keeping secrets from her again. In the end, though, they talk it out and Soph is happy for her mom.

While the shower rages on, the guys go car shopping so Rome can get a more family-friendly vehicle and so that the show can do some prime Lexus ad placement. During their showroom visit, Rome overhears a teenage son yelling at his dad over their car purchase and freaks out over his own ability to be a father. He returns home to catch the tail end of the shower and breaks down to Gina, worrying he's not cut out to be a dad. Eve overhears and reassures him, telling him that the fact that he's terrified ensures he's going to be a good dad, in her eyes. Before she leaves, Eve gives them a gift by letting them know the baby's gender. We, the audience, do not find out. But then Eve leaves and it seems it's for good. She's realized that their closeness is going to make the birth etc. too hard on her so she says her goodbyes. After she leaves, Rome and Gina open Rome's dad’s gift. It's the sailor outfit his parents brought Rome home from the hospital in. Rome gets emotional thinking his mom saved it knowing one day they'd be parents too.

And that's it for this week, folks! Births and vows next week? I can hardly wait!

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