Rome and Gina race to find Eve, who has left with her abusive ex-boyfriend.
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There's a whole lot of action on this week's installment of A Million Little Things — indeed, most of the characters barely even intersect with one another — so let's just jump straight in!

Eddie's sister Lindsay is coming to visit, and he and Katherine have decided he's the only one who should be home in case she's not actually sober. She, like Eddie, is an alcoholic. Before her arrival, Katherine hides the whiskey decanter, which feels like a weird thing to have out in pride of place in the home of your alcoholic husband in the first place, but whatever! The plan is for Katherine to take Theo to laser tag so he'll be out of the way, but she gets a call from work to say they need her to come in to woo a new client. She realizes it's not a request she can say no to, and luckily Gary steps in and says he'll go to the arcade with T instead.

When Lindsay arrives, she and Eddie are getting on well, cracking jokes about booze, and reminiscing about his early days in the band and how supportive she always was of his music career. He's helping her unpack when he finds some cocaine and immediately assumes it's hers, then kicks her out despite her protestations that it's not.

At the arcade, Gary's flirting with a girl who works there is interrupted by a sassy mom. Her kids happens to know Theo from school, so they all end up playing tag together. After a while, Theo and the other kid get in a fight and the former storms out. The mom wants the boys to talk and work it out, and sends Gary after T. They all regroup and make up and decide to play again, as a team this time. Of course they win, because it turns out the mom's really good. She and Gary bond and flirt some more, but when she hands him a piece of paper with a name and number on it, it's not hers but the girl Gary was flirting with originally. It's not quite so easy as all that, Gar!

Meanwhile, Katherine gets to the office and is briefed by her fab assistant, Carter. The client loves Katherine, but she thinks she was only asked to come in and meet the female client because she herself is a woman. She confronts the partners, calling them out for pulling her off a previous case despite the fact that she's one of their best litigators and that she and Cameron did all the prep work for the case. Her bosses confess that it wasn't Katherine the client was uncomfortable with, it was Carter. Realizing they're homophobic, Katherine quits and goes home to tell Eddie all about it! Unfortunately, Eddie has just realized that the coke actually belonged to his artist Dakota, not his sister. She thinks she needs it to perform and is refusing to get clean anytime soon. Eddie resolves to finish the album with her (since he's not the only one working in the household) but isn't going to let her in the house. He doesn't think it'll be a problem, so it most definitely will be.

Later that night, Eddie finally gets hold of his sister and she comes over to meet Theo. They all have a lovely (if super-obnoxious on Theo's part) evening, but when Lindsay goes to leave she makes a passing comment about a lake house she and Eddie and their parents used to visit when they were kids, before they stopped going after some accident. Eddie is confused as to why she even brought it up. With teary eyes, Lindsay plays it off as nostalgia, but it's definitely something sinister.

Speaking of sinister things, Rome and Gina haven't heard from their baby mama, Eve, since she left with her abusive ex-boyfriend three hours ago. They track her phone, see she's in a hotel, and head over there. The lady at the reception desk won't tell them the room number they're in, but does turn her screen toward them so they can see it. When they get outside the door, they hear Eve and Derek laughing inside. Just then they come out and see Rome and Gina standing there. Eve talks Derek down, playing all nice with him. She invites them all in to their room to get to know each other. Derek tells Rome and Gina how he's going to get some help, and Eve shares their grand plan to go back to Philly, where Derek has a great job waiting for him. They're going to start fresh and go through with the adoption.

Eve then randomly calls Gina "Wendy" (the name of their social worker), and Gina picks up on it being some kind of code. In great news: The hotel has a notary service! So they go ahead and all sign adoption papers to make it official. Derek hesitates for a second, and Eve assures him they can start a family when the time is right. He signs. Then the notary uses Gina's real name. They lie that Wendy is her middle name, which she goes by. Derek is suspicious, but they win him over with the idea of ice cream on the way out of town. Eve's all, "Yes, ice cream, worth it even though last time I was in the bathroom for 20 minutes after." (Meaningful stare.) As they leave, Gina calls the real Wendy with the plan to presumably pick Eve up from the ice cream place's bathroom. Later we hear that the police have the restraining order against Derek and Eve's made it to the safe house. Then Derek shows up at the restaurant, yelling at Rome and Gina. Rome threatens him with calling his boss and telling them how he likes to hit women. Derek realizes he's outnumbered — by dudes with kitchen knives, no less! — and storms out, saying Eve's not even worth it. It's probably not the last we'll see of old Derek.

In lighter news, Maggie and Delilah need a night out and end up getting charmingly drunk when they decide they have to take a shot every time one of them mentions their ex. After a good few shots, Delilah realizes a cute guy across the bar is checking Maggie out and goes to invite him over. Turns out, though, the guy's actually into D. She tries to make a bunch of excuses as to why she shouldn't go home with him, but Maggie's having none of it. While D heads home with the dude, Maggie takes a call. She's been accepted to the fellowship she applied to in Oxford after all. She agrees to go! She is pretty tipsy though, so I guess we'll find out next week if she remembers her life-changing decision.

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