The Pitch Perfect actress lived up to her name by being "a little bit cheeky."

Although she was a self-proclaimed good student in high school — and a bookworm and basketball captain, to boot — Rebel Wilson lived up to her name by also being "a little bit cheeky." Exactly how cheeky are we talking?

Cheeky enough to make a teacher cry, according to the story she told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night.

"In the boarding house I would mastermind the escapes, because there was a boys school next door," Wilson explained. "We had bars on our windows — it was that type of good Christian school. And then I would organize the escapes to go. I'd work out all the passcodes for the alarms, like, 'let's go, let's go.' Then one time I locked a teacher in a cupboard for four hours."

Wilson's reasoning for doing such a thing at the time? "She was a mean teacher! It was really good revenge!"

The Pitch Perfect actress explained how the prank came about, recalling that she told her teacher there was something in the cupboard and pushed her in and locked the door — for four hours. "I know it's a bit bad...I feel a bit bad now," Wilson said, admitting her teacher cried.

But like any good student who masterminds a good prank, she didn't get caught. Mostly due to the loyalty of her classmates, who maybe knew that one day she could come on national television and call them out for giving her up.

"She could never tell which girl it was that pushed her in," Wilson revealed. "So they lined us up and were like, 'Which one was it?' And I'm like, 'Don't say anything, guys! Don't say anything!' And then no one ratted me out."

Wilson is currently starring in Senior Year, where she plays a popular cheerleader who wakes up from a 20 year coma and decides to finish high school. According to what she told Kimmel, it's a role that she related to thanks to her own high school experiences.

"I was voted deputy head girl, which is kind of like the second most popular girl at the school," Wilson said, explaining why her classmates didn't rat her out and also why she was on the front cover of the yearbook that was shown during the interview.

Watch the interview above and hear Wilson's story at the 5:30 mark.

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