It's not easy being psychic.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season 1 of Maggie.

Maggie is simply trying to figure out her life. And yet, there's just something about seeing the future that makes that all the more complicated. Oh yeah, Maggie is a psychic.

The new Hulu series Maggie (streaming now) follows the clairvoyant thirtysomething, played by Rebecca Rittenhouse, as she finds the man she's supposed to marry. She thinks. At least that's what her visions show her. But then moments later, they show her something else entirely. Long story short, she spends all of season 1 grappling with what she wants and what she believes is going to happen, and things get messy.

Below, EW chats with Rittenhouse about the new series.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you find this project?

REBECCA RITTENHOUSE: I heard about it, it was floating around town. Then it came to me and it was spring of 2021, and I just felt like it was such a breath of fresh air. It's a relatively simple — in a good way — story, and a simple setting. I felt like it was refreshing. I thought it was a really refreshing way to talk about what a lot of women our age are going through, trying not to make huge life mistakes at this point. I'm like, "Should I marry this person? Is this the right career?" You're thinking all of these things, and they wanted to use it as a way to explore those things, which I think they did successfully. They're also able to use it just for comedic effect, which is also great.

Rebecca Rittenhouse on 'Maggie'
Rebecca Rittenhouse on 'Maggie'
| Credit: Richard Cartwright/Hulu

I need to know everything about the prom episode.

Let me tell you really specifically, because that's also my favorite episode because of those flashbacks. I was really specific with makeup, because we were doing those things in 2008 like putting bronzer all over our faces, like everywhere, like a full face of bronzer. And lots of blush. I used a Juicy Tube! And then I also did have a side sweep [in 2008]. I just looked so ridiculous. I also did at one point wear opera-length gloves with rings over them to some event in high school. It was so cringe, in the best, funniest way. Nichole [Sakura] and I had a really good time. It was fun to think about our past choices. Nichole's so funny though, she was like, "I'm kind of into these accessories and this gown." I was like, "No do not go there, do not go back."

That's like when they tried to bring back low-rise jeans. I just refuse.

Yeah, there's a limit. If you're going to give me an inch-long zipper, burn it. Get it out of here.

So did you have a chemistry read with David Del Rio, who plays Ben?

Yeah, I had a chemistry read with so many people. They were over Zoom, which is always weird, but I actually knew David from years ago and he's worked with mutual friends, which probably helps. But we did do a chemistry read over Zoom. He's such a sweet Ben. I think he's very lovable.

That was another thing I loved about this show, is that you're rooting for a good, nice guy.

Right! He is a good guy, he's a teacher, he's doing this best. He doesn't do everything perfectly all the time, but like most people, we're all just doing our best with what we got and the information we have in the moment.

If you could have one question about your future answered, if you could know one thing, what would you want to know?

Okay, I have mixed feelings about this because I would probably want to know who I'm going to marry, but at the same time then I wonder: What if I get that question answered and because I know the answer, I make that happen but the full story's not there and the rest of the story is like that it's horrible and we get divorced? So do you really want to know?

That's the story of this show, really. I spent a lot of the time yelling at Maggie to stop worrying about her visions and just do what she wants!

I know, right, it's like just overthinking. We all have that friend that's like, "Oh my God, you're overthinking this!" She does that a lot.

But it would be so hard to see the future and ignore it.

It would be so hard! Think about how much we trust our own opinions and our own memories and what we feel like we know, and we don't really know anything. Even our memory isn't that accurate. To have this special power that nobody else has, you've got to be pretty convinced, right? 

What would you like to see Maggie do in a potential season 2?

I would love to see her use her powers maybe in a different way. Maybe she thinks it's a better way to use them, but maybe it's ultimately not a better way, I don't know. Maybe she tries to play matchmaker and that could blow up in a fun way. It's all about putting her in uncomfortable situations.

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