Tempers flare in the first full trailer for The Real World Homecoming: New York, premiering March 4 on Paramount+.

Paramount+ just released the first footage of what it captured during its much-anticipated Real World New York reunion.

Before The Real World devolved into a sleazy hot-tub Olympics, it was conceived as a genuine social experiment. Back in 1992, the original MTV series — which put seven young people from different walks of life in a New York City loft — featured honest (and sometimes heated) conversations about race, sexuality, and privilege.

Now the original seven strangers — Becky Blasband, Norman Korpi, Kevin Powell, Eric Nies, Julie Gentry, Heather B. Gardner, and Andre Comeau — are back to tackle these issues as adults. The Real World Homecoming: New York premieres March 4 on Paramount+, and from the looks of the first full trailer, things get real petty quick.

"This is going to sound, again, racist, but...," begins Blasband, before Powell interrupts: "Then don't say it!"

The trailer intercuts flashbacks to the original series ("Get off the Black-white thing! I'm sick of it!") with equally charged, present-day exchanges. Notes Gentry, "It's 29 years later and we're still having the same conversations."

The group reunited in the original SoHo loft for the multi-episode series, which premieres as part of the Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) relaunch.

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