The best, worst, and wildest moments from this week on The Real Housewives.


We're in it now, Bravoholics. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion entered its second of four parts this week, and a whole army of forensic accountants wouldn't be enough to properly unpack the tale of Erika Jayne — and that's not even all we have going on! It was a jam-packed week on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, where Mary and Jennie both showed signs of marital struggle, and Lisa might have made a reality TV misstep. And finally, on the Real Housewives of Potomac, the group trip gone wrong starts to go slightly right, but Gordon isn't about to let things stay calm for long. Here are the best, worst, and wildest moments from this week in 'wives!  

HIGH POINT: Let's be friends, RHOP

One of the great things about watching RHOP is that everyone at least seems to want to like each other. It makes it that much more painful when someone hurts another's feelings, but it always drives them to try, with evident sincerity, to make up. The group trip to the eastern shore has been pretty rocky thus far, but at least some of the drama was patched up on an afternoon boat ride. Wendy and the green-eyed bandits will never be on the same page, but they're no longer exchanging insults (now that Robyn and Gizelle have gone to a hotel, that is); Candiace and Mia both opened up about how exactly the other one touched a nerve, and vowed not to hit each other where it hurts in the future. Do I think this is the end of all conflict on Potomac? Obviously not. But for at least a little while, the trip was truly GVO.

LOW POINT: The Erika show, RHOBH

Last week, it was a relief to realize that the Erika conversation would not be relegated to the final episode of the four-part reunion. It was surprisingly tiresome, though, to see the interrogation that took up the first half of part two. I will say she gave one of her better performances of the season — and it was very much a performance — but the conversation was frustrating, despite Andy's best efforts to keep her on track. She answered a lot of his questions quickly, before he'd finished asking them, as if doing timed trivia rather than sharing details about her life. She also often replied with anecdotes rather than commentary, like when Andy asked about Tom's infidelity and she said she didn't know how to type on his flip phone when responding to a photo sent by his mistress on the day she left him (?). It was disorienting and convoluted, and I'm honestly tired of trying to piece together the story of her marriage. She is in an unenviable but largely obscured situation, however she got there, and she's going to talk about it however she wants, with little room for pushback. Okay. What we actually can expect her to answer for is the way she behaved this season toward the other women. When is that conversation coming?


The delicious absurdity of caterer-gate continued as Whitney, Lisa, and their husbands met up for a double date at a notably far-off destination, where things took a turn. Lisa casually mentioned that the restaurant she had chosen belonged to her friends Aubrey and Marco, a.k.a. the caterers who had abruptly backed out of Angie's event. When the restauranteurs stopped by the table to greet their VIP guests, Aubrey swiftly demonstrated she lacks the naturalism necessary for a career in reality television. "I cannot believe what Angie is doing to you right now," she said to Lisa, absolutely out of nowhere, her smile never wavering. "Literally we didn't do her event because we can't leave on a Friday!" Whitney called it like she saw it: "Are you kidding me? This is so f---ing staged," she said. Lisa protested, but it's quite clear that at the very least Aubrey actively strategized to use her camera time this way, even if Lisa herself didn't direct her to. The whole drama is so stupid, Whitney does the mature thing and fixes her aura, then decides to just ignore it from here on out, because otherwise it's never going to actually end. So… okay? Vida shots for everyone, I guess?


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
Whitney Rose on 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'
| Credit: Bravo

VANDERYIKES OF THE WEEK: I have secondhand financial anxiety watching Sandoval spend $12,500 on James' engagement while his and Schwartz's houses are both on the line for their bar — of which the slightest mention ignites an immediate rage-storm from Katie, Sandoval, or both. This is dysfunctional before it's even begun! Yikes all around! (VPR)

CONGRATULATIONS: To RHONJ legend Teresa Giudice, who is engaged!

GOOD SISTER MOMENT: Kim and Kathy's reunion embrace, RHOBH

BAD SISTER MOMENT: Duy suggesting sister wives to Jennie, RHOSLC  

WORST SUPPORTING HOUSEHUSBAND: It's not RHOSLC's Robert Sr., with whom Mary feels little connection; nor is it RHOP's Gordon, despite his nonstop sex jokes. RHOSLC's Duy is new and has already been identified as a villain above, so he (barely) is excused. No, in a historic upset, this one goes to a househusband who hasn't even appeared on camera all season, including in this week's episode: RHOBH's Tom Girardi. Why is it always about Tom?

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