The best, worst, and wildest moments from this week on The Real Housewives.

It's Black Friday, and we have so much to be thankful for this year, Housewives faithful. For one thing, we have now received the gift of "Tom's house was broken into and he confronted the burglar," etc., etc., which will surely serve our socials and warm our hearts for years to come. Among our more immediate blessings, we have the game-changing Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, a reasonably shady Real Housewives of Potomac reunion in progress, and a wildly suspenseful season of The Fraud Housewives of Salt Lake City going on right now. As Candiace once told Mia (though she was talking about being on the receiving end of merely a "your mama" dig, but whatever): We should be grateful.

I was on vacation last week and therefore on a break from chronicling these weeks of our 'wives, which I have to say was very unlucky timing on my part. That was RHUGT week! It was perhaps the greatest hour RHOSLC has ever given us! It was RHOP's millionth Karen-Gizelle reconciliation, which never gets old! But it's okay, because this week delivered fresh thrills of its own. On Potomac, the reunion continued with some ineffective arguments from Wendy and the arrival of Nicki Minaj. On Salt Lake City, not even ice skating, dogsledding, or a costumed raclette dinner could distract from the allegations against Jen — or now Mary! And down in Turks and Caicos on our Ultimate Girls Trip, Kenya hosted a yacht party that Ramona took as yet another opportunity to destroy her entire Housewives legacy. Here are the best, worst, and wildest moments from this week in 'wives!

HIGH POINT: Friends for never, RHOSLC

This week's episode of RHOSLC was great, but there is truly no topping the one that came before it. So perhaps inevitably, the most riveting scene was the continuation of that astounding hour of television — the dinner where the ladies tried to piece together what they know about Jen's sketchy behavior. Meredith reveals that she once hired a private investigator to look into some absolutely deranged texts the ladies had all been receiving, disturbing not only due to their content but also their spelling of "bcuz." But things get really heated when the women discuss whether to remain friends with Jen. Heather declares that "when the rest of the world walks out, I want to be the friend that walks in." But Lisa raises an excellent question: "At what point is it being a good friend or just being f---ing stupid?"

LOW POINT: The Ramona coaster crashes, RHUGT

After a rocky start on Ultimate Girls Trip, Ramona's been set back on course a few times, usually with some interference from a peacemaker like Cynthia or Kyle. This week saw her finally, fully go off the rails and into outer space, however, over the course one (1) round of a shady trivia game on a yacht, an extended argument with a makeup artist over her bill, and a Giudice-gourmet Italian dinner. The other ladies pretty clearly can't stand to vacation with her much longer — even her old friend Luann admits she's incapable of growth — and it's hard to believe she'll ever get her apple back after a performance like this one (not to mention last season of RHONY). Once she's finally left the ladies with their meatballs so she can drink alone while talking to herself in the mirror, Kenya observes that the NYC OG is "very delusional and maybe possibly insane." How does a Housewife come back from that?

WILDEST MOMENT: The wrong receipts, RHOP

It absolutely was shady the way Gizelle (via Ashley) introduced the subject of Eddie's cheating rumors this season by clumsily linking them to Wendy's new silhouette. There was no need to express concern about either since, for one thing, everyone ostensibly agreed that the rumors were false; for another, plastic surgery is more normal than not among Bravolebrities. This should be an easy argument for Wendy to win. But she is not doing herself any favors by making a big show of declaring that she has learned from her lawyer husband, pulling out a blown-up poster of old, tangentially relevant text messages from Robyn and proudly displaying them as if she's proven literally anything. As Andy tells her, it's really not the smoking gun she thinks it is. I hope she can expense her printing bill.  

👑 QUEEN OF THE WEEK 👑 Meredith (RHOSLC) by a hair, mostly on the merit of last week's episode. Bcuz why on earth is she sticking up for Mary right now?!

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
Meredith Marks on 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'
| Credit: Bravo

REST IN PEACE: Lois, mother to Lisa Rinna and RHOBH legend.  

THE PLOT THICKENS: Stuart pleads guilty. (RHOSLC)

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