The best, worst, and wildest moments from this week on The Real Housewives.

By Mary Sollosi
May 14, 2021 at 08:22 PM EDT

It was a big week for endings here in the Bravo-verse, Housewives faithful. First, The Real Housewives of Atlanta concluded its three-part finale with a convoluted hour in which the ladies talked some more about Bolo and then about Drew's prophet drama. Next up, The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion also came to an end — but then blew up on a different platform entirely. The Real Housewives of New Jersey's regular season came to a rather abrupt close with a Margaret-hosted Halloween party. And finally, The Real Housewives of New York City, still just getting started, headed to the Hamptons for… Burning Man? Here are the best, worst, and wildest moments from this week in 'wives!

HIGH POINT: Housewives in love, RHONJ

I mean, I guess this was the high point of the week? This quartet of episodes was pretty low on highs. But up in New Jersey, we finally met Teresa's boyfriend Luis, whom she calls "Louie." They seemed genuinely smitten with each other, which was sweet, but they both also seemed to feel slightly awkward having their date on camera, which is fair. So far we have learned approximately two things about Louie, which are that he likes French fries and he likes Teresa. Both good signs! As a secondary high point, Bill gave Jennifer a truly insane yellow diamond ring at their elaborate anniversary dinner orchestrated by their iconic daughter Olivia. Love is in the air!

LOW POINT: Post-reunion chaos, RHOD  

I guess this low point happened mostly outside the show itself, but it's too significant not to qualify for this spot. The RHOD reunion saw Tiffany and Kameron decide to make up, however tentatively or superficially, and they even casually broke COVID protocols by hugging it out in front of a frozen Andy. The real drama unfolded online this week, when Kameron's husband Court and his brother Chart attacked Tiffany on Twitter, where Court demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of "anti-racism" as he accused Tiffany of being racist and Chart suggested that Tiffany performs her work as an anesthesiologist while hungover.

On Friday, Tiffany responded with a statement from her lawyer, shared by Variety, that "these attacks on her character will not be tolerated." She also briefly changed her Instagram bio to "previous cast member" of the show, but has since changed it back to "Season 5 cast member." On Friday afternoon, amid the fan outcry in response to the Westcotts' horrible behavior, Bravo tweeted a statement clarifying that "anti-racism is, in fact, not a form of racism" and asserting that the network "strongly supports" the AAPI community and "stands by Dr. Tiffany Moon." Based on the responses to that tweet, it would appear that fans have a pretty clear idea of what standing by Tiffany would actually look like.


Well, why not. Our New York City 'wives can't hunt for eligible bachelors at upscale hotel bars this season, so throwing their own private backyard Burning Man (a concept of Leah's, held at Ramona's Hamptons house) is the clearest alternative, right? Ramona wears sparkly pasties underneath a sheer top, with pink in her hair, and Leah is "honestly so touched and happy" to see it. Devi the healer conducts a sound bath and all the women open up about what healing they need. Eboni wants to redefine family for herself. Luann doesn't believe Ramona's speech for a second. Leah screams. And Sonja gets reflective: "I used to say I had one foot in the nursing home," she says. "But then I found out they had a very high STD rate and I was like, okay, that's not gonna work out." I've really missed her.


Real Housewives of Dallas
Credit: Bravo

EXCUSE ME WHAT??? Remember Falynn, who threw a weird Halloween party on RHOA? She and her husband Simon are getting a divorce — and he is now engaged to Porsha. You can't make this up!

BEST COSTUME: Between RHONY's fake Burning Man and RHONJ's Halloween, quite a few contenders here. Who are we kidding? It's Marge Sr. as Marilyn Monroe.

ANDY QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "She's saying it started a ripple in the prophet community" — explaining Drew's fury at the RHOA reunion.

THAT'S QUITE ENOUGH: Of RHONJ's "here she comes, my bitch wife" flashback, a moment that has haunted me for almost a decade anyway, so no need to replay it all the time! Really!

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