The best, worst, and wildest moments from this week on ‘The Real Housewives.’

By Mary Sollosi
January 22, 2021 at 08:53 PM EST
Credit: Casey Durkin/Bravo

It was a big week in this country, and we're not just talking about the special thrill of a presidential inauguration. No, the Real Housewives were hard at work stirring up drama from coast to coast! Down in Atlanta, Cynthia agonized over the guest list to her oversized wedding and Kandi gathered the RHOA ladies for a food drive. Moving eastward, on RHOD, Kary marked a big milestone with a champagne shower and gave Tiffany a chlorine bath. Our RHOSLC ladies descended from Utah to Vegas, where there was a Shah-ping spree and a high-speed race. And finally, the RHOC cast gathered at a distance for the first part of their season 15 reunion, wherein Braunwyn was the ladies' villain but Kelly was ours. Read on for the best, worst, and wildest moments from this week in 'wives!


We love to see our Housewives give back! This week, Kandi hosted a food drive dedicated to helping single-parent families, and it was genuinely wonderful to see all the ladies show up for it and wear the matching T-shirts (except mid-move Drew, who has been almost as MIA lately as RHOSLC's Mary). Kenya can't help but shade Porsha for arriving on time to the charity event, which I didn't know was something worth shading, but Kenya defies my expectations every episode, so I shouldn't be surprised. Even little Ace, a true hero of last week, helps out! And cheers to Porsha, Marlo, and Drew for being so generous, though as Kandi delicately notes, "some people aren't as giving as I thought they would be — I'll say that." The little tensions among this cast are just unparalleled!

LOW POINT: All things Kelly Leventhal, RHOC

Congrats to Kelly, who got married. That's the only nice thing I have to say to her, after she spends this reunion acting like the victim for being held accountable for saying COVID-19 was "thinning the herd;" telling Andy Cohen he's anti-American for expressing his political beliefs, as if she didn't spend the whole season sharing her own ignorant convictions; and accusing Braunwyn (whose issues are a whole other story) of faking her alcoholism for the cameras because she never seemed hungover at 7 a.m. Orangetheory. I'm almost looking forward to the aftermath of this Stella revelation and the story of Elizabeth's cult upbringing if it means we won't have to listen to so much Kelly next week.   


Kary's turning 50, and she wants it all. She wants a sexy photoshoot; she wants Saint Tropez. She wants a party amid a pandemic; she wants Tiffany to drink tequila. She wants to dance on tables, and she wants shirtless men to decadently spray her with champagne. It is, to use her own favorite phrase, a situation. "Party like it's 1999 motherf---ers!" our youthful birthday girl cries to her white-clad pals before shoving Tiffany, who cannot swim, into the pool. "You should have worn your swimming suit, bitch!"


MOMENT OF TRUTH: Upon being called a narcissist, RHOC's Braunwyn pauses and says, "I'm not a narcissist. I was checked for that. I just have a very large ego."

V.I.P. STATUS: An extra limo just for Jen's luggage, RHOSLC

BEST DRESSED: Brandi with her gloves, face shield, and laminated negative COVID test on a necklace, RHOD

THE TRUEST SIGN OF FRIENDSHIP: Not inviting your friend's ex to your wedding, as Porsha asks of Cynthia, whose fiancé Mike wants to invite Dennis, on RHOA: "I'm leaning on you and your coochie credit to make sure that this happens for me." What are friends for?

ALL BARK AND NO BITE: RHOSLC's Lisa, an alleged racing enthusiast, barely scraping 70mph on the track (meanwhile Meredith, who didn't want to be there in the first place, effortlessly outstripped everyone and emerged from her vehicle looking the most relaxed and rejuvenated we've ever seen her)

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