The best, worst, and wildest moments from this week on ‘The Real Housewives.’

By Mary Sollosi
January 03, 2021 at 02:52 PM EST
Credit: Sophy Holland/Bravo

Happy New Year to all the Housewives, and to those who know the enormous joys of watching their antics. Bravo finished off 2020 with a slightly slimmed-down schedule, skipping a new RHOA, but we still kept up with three of our other cities — starting with the grand finale of this momentous season of RHOP. Our Californians on RHOC delivered another ending, of sorts, as their Lake Arrowhead vacation drew to a close with a startling confession, but this week’s RHOSLC was all about new beginnings, as Lisa and her husband tried and failed to agree on resolutions and Heather celebrated a new stage of her life. We’ve got the best, worst, and wildest moments from a cursed year’s very last week in ‘wives right here!

HIGH POINT: The Real Househusbands of Salt Lake City, RHOSLC

So far, we’ve only seen glimpses of Coach Shah, mostly over FaceTime as he gives Jen much-needed pep talks while she gets her glam done. He made a truly remarkable full-length debut this week, as his wife tried to draw confessions out of Meredith in the hot tub with Lisa while the three women’s husbands played shuffleboard and had a really quite wonderfully genuine conversation about being married to dynamic, ambitious women. It was interesting and affecting to see them open up to each other, but not without some comedic reminders of how outrageous it must be to be married not only to a Bravolebrity, but to the one and only Jen Shah: “You’re cutting me that deep?” her husband says, reflecting on her "reactionary" tendencies. “With a dull butter knife, you cut me that deep?”

LOW POINT: The true story of Elizabeth Vargas, RHOC  

Last week delivered a shocker when Elizabeth alluded to some of what she had suffered as a child in a religious cult, and the end of the latest episode was a high point for the newest OC cast member as her decades-old pain began to heal after she opened up about her dark history. The disturbing tale itself, however, was a clear low point of the week. Just because our beloved Housewives devote so much time to the pleasures of girls’ trips, catfights, and shopping sprees doesn’t mean that they’ve never experienced genuine hurt and hardship, as Elizabeth’s story provided a troubling reminder.


What a season it’s been for our Mid-Atlantic Housewives, and what a Maryland mess this reunion turned out to be. We went everywhere but got nowhere. I don’t even know how to sum up where we landed — with Candiace v. Monique, with the alleged plot against the Samuels family, with Michael Darby constantly being excused, with Robyn’s hat line — but I know I was exhausted by the end of this reunion. Candiace told Karen to burn in hell? Chris Samuels posted a threatening video? I was upset. But then! Ray wants a vow renewal! The Chrises still love each other! The whole thing was more disorienting than Gizelle’s wardrobe. And yet? I can’t wait until they come back.

👑 QUEEN OF THE WEEK 👑 Monique, RHOP, whom we’ll miss.

BEST SOUND EDITING: The record scratch after Coach Shah says he fell in love with Jen because of “how sweet she was,” RHOSLC

THIS CLAIM IS DISPUTED: “In New York, these Marines came to us, and they told us that if you have [type] O blood, it’s bulletproof” — Kelly, RHOC

MOST FLAWLESS MICHELLE PFEIFFER MOMENT: Heather singing “Cool Rider” while snowmobiling solo, RHOSLC


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