The best, worst, and wildest moments from this week on ‘The Real Housewives.’

By Mary Sollosi
December 20, 2020 at 04:21 PM EST
Credit: Sophy Holland/Bravo

What a week, Bravo fans! Christmas really did come early in the form of this last quartet of Real Housewives episodes, wherein the ladies of RHOP (plus T’Challa) gathered to break down Gizelle’s wardrobe once and for all, and our Georgia peaches of RHOA saw Porsha get out of jail and Drew get into the mix. Over on the west coast, the RHOC ‘wives hit the lake — with some notable exceptions — and up in the mountains, the RHOSLC cast headed to the Sundance Film Festival, where they saw a few familiar faces. Here’s the best, worst, and wildest moments from this week in ‘wives!


To be completely transparent, this moment marks the intersection of my own two most beloved pop culture obsessions, so from a personal standpoint, the mere existence of a Housewives episode at Sundance makes it an automatic high point. However! The hour didn’t disappoint regardless of bias (though for my fellow Bravo-indie crossover fans, the episode dropping a day after the 2021 festival lineup was truly a gift of impeccable timing). It was a true smorgasbord of Housewife delights! We got to see Sundance Queen Lisa throwing a party featuring a wall covered in ‘90s McDonald’s sweepstakes stickers; Heather bemoaning her Salt Lake singledom them promptly finding a Park City paramour; even a pair of Vander-cameos in the form of Katie and Lala! Sundance really is the most wonderful place on earth!

LOW POINT: Shane’s illness, RHOC

It’s been strange watching quarantine play out in Orange County over the last three episodes, but never worse than when we checked in with poor Emily this week. After a positive test for herself and negative one for her husband Shane, it is he who gets incredibly, unmanageably sick, leaving Emily overwhelmed and terrified. It seemed like the low point when she filmed herself in her car in the hospital parking lot, where she waited helplessly while her husband got treated inside, but it got even bleaker in the hour’s final moments: “This is worse than prison,” Shane texted Emily, who had to go home to look after their children. “Every hour is like a fight to live.”

WILDEST MOMENT: Monique’s receipts, RHOP

Our friends in Potomac keep landing in the Wildest Moment of the Week territory, but that’s just their vibe this season, I guess. This time it was Monique who made the reunion’s first part go off the rails (though shoutout to whoever chose yellow for the dress code, because that certainly contributed to the chaos from the start), when she broke out a shimmery binder full of carefully researched dirt and calmly shared what she’d learned about Jamal — who (allegedly) lives, it seems, in more phones than just Gizelle’s. It’s dark but it’s juicy. Karen comes in with a critical assist (no, Jamal will not be joining the reunion) and the best actual comeback anyone has is that Monique (who has been looking forward to this reunion, as she told EW) must have a lot of time on her hands to have compiled this three-ring of receipts, which is pretty weak considering, but also—she had to while away her days not spent in Portugal doing something, right?

👑 QUEEN OF THE WEEK 👑 Karen, RHOP (always, honestly)

POTENTIAL JERK ALERT: At first, RHOA new girl Drew’s husband Ralph seemed merely clueless and immature — have I ever rolled my eyes so hard as when I sat through his big pompous performance for Cynthia’s fiancé Mike? I think I have not! — but he descended into full-blown gaslighter territory during the couple’s argument at an awkwardly staged anniversary dinner, and don’t get me started on his love of surveillance (???). Keep an eye on this one. You quite literally never know when he might just vanish to Tampa.

SISTERLIEST SHOUTOUT: “And now we have an AKA in the White House!” — Andy, for the benefit of Kamala Harris’ sorority sisters Gizelle and Wendy, RHOP

BEST REAL HOUSEMOM-ISM: “Covert-19” — Mama Joyce, RHOA

BEST (WITHHELD) PARTING LINE: RHOSLC’s Whitney, just barely resisting the urge to call out to Heather as she leaves Jen’s Sundance party with a man: “Remember who you are! Return with honor!”

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