The best, worst, and wildest moments from this week on The Real Housewives.

By Mary Sollosi
April 30, 2021 at 08:36 PM EDT

It's gonna be May and the Housewives are gonna be messy! First off, The Real Housewives of Atlanta began their multi-part reunion this week in a dungeon-themed distanced soundstage, Bolo's own imitation Chanel on display behind them. Next up, this season of The Real Housewives of Dallas drew to a close with an almost-satisfying party weekend at Southfork Ranch. And finally The Real Housewives of New Jersey turned up the heat on Teresa's new relationship, despite her efforts to play it cool in front of her friends. Here are the best, worst, and wildest moments from this week in 'wives!

HIGH POINT: Let's get political, RHOA

Porsha's work with Black Lives Matter was one of the high points of the season (much as more sordid dramas took center stage as time went on), and it was great to see her discuss it further in the reunion; so, too, was I glad to see Kenya apologize for her offensive Halloween costume. Both of these conversations felt characteristic of this latest era in Housewives, wherein the show pays a greater attention to the power of the platform and the ladies' personal accountability. Of course, both moments did devolve into arguments between Kenya and Porsha — but isn't that part of the beauty of The Real Housewives? That grand political issues can be made petty, just as seemingly personal dramas can prove truly consequential?  

LOW POINT: Up all night, RHOD

Oh dear. This season of Dallas — sorry, of The Real Housewives of Dallas — ended not with a bang, but a crack of plexiglass. Brandi and Kary had a few too many tequila shots and stayed up all night creeping around Southfork Ranch, eventually deciding to sleep in J.R.'s bloodstained bed. Long story short, they did some damage and had to answer for it the next day; it was really quite mortifying. Repentant Brandi, who seems to think that breaking the plexiglass in a onetime primetime-soap location is akin to besmirching Mount Vernon, was quickly forgiven, but the ladies took the opportunity to point out to Kary that she keeps going too far after getting too drunk. They weren't wrong, but the moment felt unkind — especially after Kary heard that Eduardo wouldn't be joining them with all the other husbands later that day. She's misbehaved this season, but it's starting to look like there's a larger story as to why. And hey, worse things have happened to J.R. Ewing on TV.

WILDEST MOMENT: A broken woman, RHONJ   

There was tension in the air throughout Michelle's cocktail party (that shot of the fresh mozzarella!), but it came in little waves, about little topics, and didn't seem like it would blow up into anything: Teresa was annoyed with her brother for gushing to all of those gossipy RHONJ husbands that she's in love. Melissa was fixated on her sister-in-law meeting poor innocent Dave, despite her existing attachment. And whispers about David buying Dolores a car but not a ring spread among the group before she even arrived. All par for the course, it seemed — until Joe Gorga absolutely went off about how Dolores can't possibly be happy with David and is a "broken woman" because of what Frank Catania did to her?! Dolores is more than a match for him, though, and fired right back with a reminder of one of his past tantrums before summoning Frank, who really truly gets her, to leave. The whole bizarre explosion barely lasted five minutes; I rewatched it at least that many times.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Credit: Bravo

THE NUMBER ONE NEWS IN THIS GROUP: The Vanderkids are officially coming back for a ninth season (for which Jax and Brittany are out, and Ocean and Summer are presumably in).

IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? All due respect to Tiffany Moon, M.D., but RHOD's Kameron declaring in the murder mystery party "I diagnose her as dead!" is going to stick with me for a long time.

NOT BUYING IT: I'm sorry, but were Drew and Ralph a little smug and smiley and weird when addressing his trip to Tampa? His refusal to openly discuss it with her was one of the most disturbing things that happened on RHOA this season (apart from pretty much every moment involving LaToya), and it felt deeply disingenuous to see them both chuckle knowingly and reassure Andy that it was all just fine! Nothing to see here!

PREACH: "For everything she's been through, she has the right to leave for a booty call, God bless" — Dolores re: Teresa, RHONJ

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