Sounds like we've got ourselves a Walken-off, people!

In the pantheon of greats who are often imitated but never duplicated, there's Christopher Walken ... and then everybody else. The man is a genre unto himself. But Liev Schreiber thinks his Ray Donovan dad Jon Voight out-Walkens even the original.

On a recent episode of SiriusXM Faction Talk's Unmasked with Ron Bennington, Schreiber describes wanting to originally cast Walken in the role of Ray Donovan's father, Mickey, until it "suddenly dawned" on folks "that Jon Voight is the only guy who does Walken better than Walken."

Jon Voight Christopher Walken
Jon Voight (left) and Christopher Walken
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"And what that thing is — because everybody tries to do the voice — but what it's about is just this total charm," Schreiber says. "Every fiber, every element of his being is about wanting to be loved and wanting charm and the song and dance stuff, the comedy stuff, all of it. Jon had this kind of amazing facility with that stuff and just ran with it."

Schreiber continues, "Jon out of the gates had some kind of strange and wonderful connection to this guy, who was so conflicted and so full of duality and everything that makes a great character."

Over the course of seven seasons, Ray Donovan followed the adventures of its titular "fixer" as he cleaned up the messes of the rich and famous, only for his own life to get messier by the minute thanks to his dad Mickey getting released from prison.

Though Showtime unexpectedly canceled the Emmy-nominated series in 2020, it reunited the cast for a movie earlier this year. Ray Donovan: The Movie premiered on Showtime on Jan. 22, picking up where season 7 left off, with Mickey on the lam and Ray determined to find and stop him before causing "any more carnage." 

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