Note to self: Don't get into a staring contest with the Bond star.

If you've ever thought you might get a little star-struck when encountering a celeb, then perhaps Saturday Night Live is the perfect job for you.

That's certainly the case for cast member Ego Nwodim as she encounters first-time SNL host Rami Malek and stares a little too deeply into his striking eyes.

"You know, Rami, a lot of people find your eyes unnerving, but I don't see it," Nwodim tells the No Time to Die actor, who replies, "Thank you?"

Things get a little cringeworthy, though, when Bowen Yang suggests Nwodim get into a staring contest with Malek. After one look from the actor, though, she quickly bows out.

"This man is a demon," she says of the former Mr. Robot star's glance — despite the fact that the actor filmed the promo in a disarming button-down shirt and fuzzy, navy-blue sweater vest.

In their third promo, Nwodim, Yang, and musical guest Young Thug offer their hearty praise for Malek's work in the new Bond movie.

"When Grizabella goes back to the jellicle ball and sings that song — literally tears," Yang shares to confused looks from Malek, because, yes, Yang is thinking of the movie Cats — a film Malek was most definitely not in.

Malek will take the stage this weekend at SNL with a little extra pressure. He recently told EW he was in the audience when Daniel Craig helmed the show last season and became a meme for the Brit's insanely good introduction of that show's musical guest, the Weeknd.

"I was there, that night in the audience watching it and I thought to myself at that moment — I looked over to my partner and I said, 'I think that's the best introduction for a band I've ever heard on SNL.' And apparently —"

"You're right," Craig added.

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