By Lauren Huff
June 03, 2020 at 07:35 PM EDT

Australian actress and director Rachel Griffiths is apologizing after facing backlash for a self-described "shallow" update on her nails amid the protests over George Floyd's death in America.

In the initial post, which has since been deleted, she shared a picture of her new manicure, writing, “Shallow I know... America is burning people are dying ... but still it just seems easier on the soul to watch all this happening with beautiful nails."

She continued, “And judging by the line of desperate ladies I am not alone. Shallow people we are but I need to share this important COVID update. The manicurists are open!!! Tip generously as they have had not income since COVID lock down.”

The Six Feet Under star took to her Instagram on Tuesday to apologize for her earlier post, acknowledging that it caused pain for those "who can’t look away from what’s happening — can’t turn off and check out because it is their lives — their brothers, theirs sisters, their children."

Rachel Griffiths
Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage

"And it’s not over 'there.' This [is] our country’s stain also," she continued. "I did not intend to trivialise, just escape it. But that I understand is part of the problem."

Griffiths went on to apologize for getting "this so wrong." "I am sorry that I abdicated any meaningful sense-making of what is happening this week and has been happening for centuries," she said. "Thank you to the people who have called me out. I have along way to go to truly understand my white b— privilege."

She ended her note by asking people to watch the video accompanying her post, which shows a speech about racism from Australian journalist Stan Grant.

To help combat systemic racism, please consider donating to these organizations:

  • Campaign Zero, which is dedicated to ending police brutality in America through research-based strategies.
  • Color of Change, which works to move decision makers in corporations and government to be more responsive to racial disparities.
  • Equal Justice Initiative, which provides legal services to people who have been wrongly convicted, denied a fair trial, or abused in state jails and prisons.

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