The cute chaos generated by the Puppy Bowl competitors makes for a compelling contest. But sometimes these pups can get a little too spirited on the gridiron. Look no further than this first look at the annual spectacle that raises awareness for pet adoption. Here, Moby the French bulldog spins out of control and starts barking at a fellow (and larger) Team Ruff player, prompting referee — er, rufferee — Dan Schachner to blow his whistle, administer a penalty to Moby for "talking smack" that he hasn't been able to back up, and gently instruct him to settle down.

Schachner isn't just throwing flags, though. EW's montage of footage also features the man in black and white giving a pep talk (pup talk?) to Raspberry from Team Fluff, encouraging another pint-sized canine to spend less time on the edge of the field and more in the middle of it. From there, it's a flurry of furry, as you'll see all sorts of adoptable dogs have a field day with their chew toys and each other.

Puppy Bowl XVIII, which is hosted and coached by Snoop Dogg (Team Fluff) and Martha Stewart (Team Ruff), debuts Feb. 13 at 2 pm. ET/ 11 a.m. ET on Discovery+ and Animal Planet. The special brims with 118 dogs from 67 shelters across the country, as well as a Kitty Halftime Show, and a guest spot by Sesame Street MVP Elmo and his rescue puppy, Tango.

There's a lot on the line this season — Team Ruff is hoping to even the series against Team Fluff at four games apiece. To place your bets on who may cross the goalposts the most or at least reduce you to uncontrollable utterances of "awwwww!," such as Moby from Harley's Haven Dog Rescue, paw through our gallery of all of the 2022 pup players.

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