The first of four Power spin-offs picks up in the aftermath of Ghost's murder.
Credit: Starz

Ghost is dead but Power lives on in the trailer for the first of four planned spin-offs.

Back in February, Power wrapped up its powerhouse six-season run by revealing that Ghost's own son, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) was behind his murder, only for Tasha (Naturi Naughton) to end up taking the fall. Picking up not long after, the Power Book II: Ghost trailer finds Tariq determined to "do anything to help my mother."

That means when he's not attending his Ivy league university that he's hustling to pay for Tasha's fame-hungry defense lawyer (The Wire's Method Man) who is facing off with new U.S. Attorney Cooper Saxe (returning Power star Shane Johnson). But Tariq's further entanglement in the drug game brings him into the orbit of iron-fisted family boss Monet Stewart Tejada (Mary J. Blige).

"I need to know everything you know about Tariq St. Patrick," Monet barks in the trailer.

"We are patterning it after Marvel, where different characters come in and out of other people’s shows," Power creator Courtney Kemp previously told EW of her new universe. "So there’s crossovers and some of your favorite characters will come back, even if they don’t get their own spin-off, they will show up in places. We’re trying to really do it for the fans, to give the most of what they want.

Power Book II: Ghost premieres in September.

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