Everyone's favorite housemother has tapped HGTV to find her a home that's fit for a queen.

The category is: Securing a fixed-rate mortgage!

Dominique Jackson, who stars as the extremely glamorous ballroom diva Elektra Abundance on FX's Pose, is on the hunt for a new house—a literal one. In a preview from the upcoming June 1 episode of House Hunters, Jackson and her fiancé and manager Edwin are ready to vacate their 750-square-foot New York City apartment and slip into something a little more comfortable.

"As a black trans woman, I thought it was impossible to own a home," says Jackson. "Home ownership was not on my radar. And now that I am financially able to do it with my partner, I realize that it can be done."

But first, they're going to have to agree on a price. "I'm known for playing an extravagant character," says Jackson, "and there are parts of me that are part of that."

According to HGTV, "Dominque sees herself in a two-story colonial with a pool and a fabulous spa bathroom, while Edwin wants an open-concept farmhouse and acreage to raise chickens and pigs."

When Edwin says he wants to work within a $400,000 budget, Jackson's reaction is a swift "You crazy!" The couple have been saving for so long, she says, that it's time to just "go for it." Much like Elektra, Jackson is not about to settle for anything less than the best. She's looking for a house… of abundance.

"When it comes to buying this house," she says, "I want everything."

The episode of House Hunters airs June 1 at 10 p.m. ET on HGTV.

Watch the video above.

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