Michael Winslow, who famously showed off his unique vocal talents in the Police Academy movies, reintroduced his unique skills to the America's Got Talent audience on Tuesday.

Winslow, known for his amazing ability to mimic sounds, was deemed a "legend" by host Terry Crews when he came on stage to audition. Ahead of his performance, the actor, who also appeared in classic '80s movies like Spaceballs and Gremlins, explained why he took time away from Hollywood in 1993 despite a burgeoning career.

michael winslow
Michael Winslow on 'America's Got Talent'
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"I stopped making movies because I quit the business for my children. I had to raise them because I became a widower. Now, after raising my two kids, I'm in a different phase. I think this is my time," Winslow said. "And America's Got Talent is the place for me to show the world I still have something to offer, I still have some sounds to make. There's still room for a little more."

Winslow also said he tried out for AGT at the encouragement of his son, who told him, "You can come out here and be anything you want instead of being forced to be something you don't. This is the show you come to be yourself."

During his audition, Winslow showcased his famous ability to imitate sounds, including a variety of radio stations and an array of airplane noises. The performance had the judges in stitches.

Leaving the stage, the 62-year-old told Crews that moving on "means my life has changed again for the better. I've gotten another blessing."

Winslow also appeared in the Police Academy TV series, in addition to Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Sharknado 3, Killing Hasselhoff, and more.

Hear more of his uncanny sound effects below:

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