"To me, it marks a really significant close to the chapters we've known of Joe," Badgley says.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for You season 3.

Joe and Love never had a normal love story on You. If we're being logical, it was always going to end with one of them dead. The question was: Which one? And now we know.

Season 3 of Netflix's psychological thriller (now streaming) came to a fiery end when Love (Victoria Pedretti) discovered that Joe (Penn Badgley) had fallen in love with someone else. Her plan was seemingly to paralyze her husband with aconite and kill his new love, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), in front of him. But Joe came prepared. He flipped the script on Love and ended up killing her with her own poison. He then chopped off his own toes and set their home on fire, making it appear as if they'd both died.

"It was pretty crazy to see the actual way that I was going to die," Pedretti, who knew her character wasn't long for this world, tells EW. "It felt very unique and strange, and I didn't really understand how to act it out. I don't know anything about aconite and paralytics so there was a bit of a learning curve, but I was very excited to rise to the challenge."

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti on 'You'

Pedretti wasn't the only one who had to perfect the art of acting paralyzed. "For me there was a lot of scene work where I was laying there," says Badgley. "The director would come up to me and she'd be like, 'I know this is a lot to ask. Can you could just give a little more?' I'd sort of shrug my shoulders and be like, 'I mean, I'll try. I'll try to overcome the paralytic that's supposed to have taken me to the point that all of this is happening.' It was really strange. But I think it all plays."

Ultimately, Badgley feels like Love dying "makes sense" for both characters. "They've had their arc," he says. "We've gone to a lot of places, seen the highs and the lows, and it felt like, 'Okay if this is going to happen, it's time.'"

Pedretti adds, "It's sad. I knew she was going to die, but the way in which it happened was still shocking."

For Badgley, this death marks a major moment for the series (which was recently renewed for a fourth season). "To me, it marks a really significant close to the chapters we've known of Joe," he says. "I do think that there's got to be some really significant, fundamental shifts in the way the whole device of Joe is going to keep working. Because now we've seen him go through so, so much. In terms of the show and its tone, maybe there's a pre-Love and post-Love, because I don't know how much can be repeated."

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