As You prepares to launch its third season, star Penn Badgley doesn't want viewers to let Joe fool them. "With Joe, he's always making the appearance he's changed, which means in some ways he's convinced that he's changed, which means in some ways the show depicts him changing because the show is lived through his lens, which is an unreliable narrator," says Badgley. "It's an unreliable lens, so yes there is apparent change that has happened but it's not really fundamental. He lives somewhere else, his clothes have changed a little, he has to take care of a little creature, but I don't know how much he's actually changed."

In other words, you can move the guy into the suburbs, you can give him a wife, and you can give them both a son, but at the end of the day, they're still murderers. And for Love (Victoria Pedretti), she's also dealing with the loss of her brother. "It really destabilizes her," Pedretti says of Love's grief. "There's a very big hole in her life, and I think she feels really isolated in her grief."

You season 3
Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley in 'You'
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Then there's the little issue of Joe and Love's marriage. The end of You's second season saw them learn some very harsh truths about each other, mostly that they're both willing to kill for the people they love. "I think it makes her feel like she should be able to relate to him and be open with him," Pedretti says. But, as she puts it, Joe "has no interest in doing that."

Because Joe, as viewers know, is the world's biggest hypocrite. "His perception of her has definitely changed," says Badgley. "He thinks she's a monster."

So how will Joe feel about living with a monster? And how will they raise their son together? Let's just say we're expecting some bumps in the road.

You season 3 premieres Friday on Netflix.

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