And — horror of horrors — it does not involve Grogu!

Starring as a bounty-hunting badass on the signature Star Wars streaming series must be a pretty sweet gig. Of course, Pedro Psacal has had a lot of sweet gigs lately. Even so, getting to go work on The Mandalorian has to be pretty much a pinch-me moment every single day— made even better by the fact that nobody can see you if you flinch while being pinched because nobody can see your face!

Of all those days on set of the epic space drama, which one has been the absolute best? It's a question we posed to Pascal when he joined us on EW's weekly Star Wars podcast, Dagobah Dispatch.

The Mandalorian season 3
Pedro Pascal and Grogu on 'The Mandalorian'
| Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

"There's so many days to pick from," responds Pascal in a clear stall tactic. "Because when you think about the visual experience that audiences have when they watch the show, it's hard to imagine that you would get such a clear impression of how sophisticated those visuals are on the day when you're shooting it."

Wait, you can't pick ALL the days, Pedro! That's the exact opposite of what we asked you do! That is most certainly not the way. Thankfully, the actor finally narrowed things down, and his choice for his favorite day has nothing to do with a cool stunt or emotional apex. Sounding like an intergalactic real estate agent, Pascal notes that it's all about location, location, location!

"The first episode of season 2, when we meet this really amazing Blade Runner-esque urban environment," says Pascal. "I can't think of a time in Star Wars where you felt like you were in a real city."

Ah, if only we knew what that city was named. In true Mandalorian mystery mode, we don't even know what the planet is named. He's speaking about the very first scene of "Chapter 9: The Marshal," when Din travels to an industrial-looking urban environment to seek out an Abyssin gangster named Gor Koresh, hoping to get some intel on any other Mandalorians who may be on his radar.

The Mandalorian
Pedro Pascal on 'The Mandalorian'
| Credit: Lucasfilm

Koresh instead tries to kill Din and steal his beskar armor, which, predictably, does not go well for him. Pascal doesn't want to talk about any of that, though. He just wants to talk about how cool it was to walk on that set and immerse himself in this seedy city.

"We have this immaculate set that's built and surrounded by the volume," says Pascal, "which creates an infinite sort of visual experience as far as skies, planets, and landscapes are concerned, and space and ships and all kinds of things. But the practical set was the most immaculate, down to it being graffitied and decorated. Every inch of it was designed. So to step onto that set…"

That's not the only landscape that's blown the actor away. During "Chapter 10: The Passenger," while we were focused on that weird frog lady and cute and cuddly Grogu eating her offspring, Pascal was busy taking in the ice canyon surrounding him.

Pedro Pascal and Grogu on 'The Mandalorian'
Pedro Pascal and Grogu on 'The Mandalorian'
| Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

"The snow-capped world was also completely detailed. It just felt like you were stepping onto these highly sophisticated amusement park rides, in a way — with very little being left to the imagination because of how incredible the design work is from all the departments."

While we wait to find out if Pascal is going to ditch acting for a second career as a set designer, you can listen to our full Dagobah Dispatch interview with the actor, where he also reveals how Grogu and Ellie from The Last of Us might get along, and which castmate he would choose to take care of the little green guy. We also break down the latest episode of The Mandalorian, because of course we do.

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