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The Simple Life star Paris Hilton is no stranger to trying new things, and up next on the heiress' list? Becoming a culinary expert.

At least that's what she'll endeavor to do across six episodes of her new Netflix series, Cooking With Paris.

Premiering Aug. 4 on the streamer, the "cooking" series (their quotation marks, not ours) will see Hilton learning to sauté, sear, and zest. She'll also show off her party-throwing skills, and we're told to expect a "glam kitchen wardrobe." (Note to Paris: Silk is notoriously difficult to get spaghetti stains out of.)

Paris Hilton; Cooking with Paris
Paris Hilton, and the key art for 'Cooking with Paris'
| Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images; Netflix

Hilton won't be alone on the journey — she'll team up with celebrity pals as she tries out new recipes and utilizes "exotic kitchen appliances." What counts as exotic to Hilton, who is not exactly known for her skills in the kitchen, has not been specified.

That said, this won't be Hilton's first time cooking on camera. Longtime fans might recall that in season 4 of the Simple Life, she and Nicole Richie traded places with a busy mom and took over the woman's household duties, which included preparing food for the children. Hilton famously used an actual clothing iron — two, in fact — to make dinner, including bacon and quesadillas. How's that for exotic?

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