By EW Staff
February 08, 2021 at 11:15 AM EST

Because the days are long, the months are cold, and you cannot possibly stand to listen to the Paw Patrol theme song one more time, EW presents our guilt-free picks for February and March to see your kids and, more important, your sanity through.


Credit: Two Tomatoes

After 14 albums, it's astounding that Laurie Berkner still makes the everyday sublime for her young fans. Her latest is a paean to the full spectrum of childhood at a time when children need familiarity more than ever: from choosing a Halloween costume ("What Am I Gonna Be") to mealtime ("Time to Eat"), Berkner gently guides littles over the course of 16 tracks through a year of handwashing and masks, while reminding them to laugh ("I Saw a Butterfly") and breathe ("Listen to the Sounds"). Brimming with rousing earworms and tender moments, Let's Go! is kids'-music alchemy at its finest. —Lacey Vorrasi-Banis

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With sumptuous illustrations and dreamy prose, a Taiwanese American child follows her multigenerational familial thread to find her own beauty in this tribute to eyes that have always been so much more than "almond-shaped." —Lacey Vorrasi-Banis

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Credit: The Snoopy Show

"Snoopy's waaah wah waah waaah waaah waaah waaah wah," which is Peanuts grown-up talk for "Snoopy's doghouse gets a fresh coat of paint as the beloved series is updated without losing any of its signature charm." With every episode containing three fanciful seven-minute adventures, the endearing and entertaining installments are simultaneously short and long enough to hold the attention span of a wide range of ages. You'll love that it reminds you of your childhood, and they'll love that it doesn't look like it was dusted off from your childhood VHS collection. —Lacey Vorrasi-Banis

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When 12-year-old Pili (Kea Peahu) and her older brother Ioane (Alex Aiono) find their summer plans upended in order to help take care of their grandfather (Branscombe Richmond) in rural Oahu, the Brooklyn siblings end up embarking on a thrilling escapade for long-lost treasure through treacherous caves, eventually learning that, like the Goonies, ohana never says die. Set against a sweeping backdrop of sparkling water, golden sand, and lush tropical foliage, this is the vacation we all wish we could take right now, Hawaiian warrior ghosts and all. —Lacey Vorrasi-Banis

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Credit: Disney

In this high-octane PG-rated adventure, Disney's first Southeast Asian princess (Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran) is on a quest to find the last dragon (Awkwafina) and fend off villainous monsters called Druun. During her perilous journey, the formidable warrior recruits a colorful, ragtag team and learns that trust is the key to saving her divided kingdom. —Rachel Yang

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Credit: Nintendo

It's-a 3D Mario (and Luigi, Peach, and Toad), helping your family collaborate to save the Sprixie Kingdom in a marvelous, sprawling adventure across dozens of vibrant courses. Bonus: Co-op gameplay equals no fighting over whose turn it is, which ultimately means everyone wins. —Lacey Vorrasi-Banis

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Credit: Balzer + Bray

Thirteen-year-old Amari is both an outcast at her überbougie private school and at home in the Rosewood housing projects, where she no longer has the guidance of her older brother Quinton, who's been missing for months. When Amari's search for Quinton thrusts her into a spellbinding world of mind readers, dragons, and fairies, she learns that her differences have been her strengths all along. This action-filled debut is a middle-grade novel that celebrates misfits, friendship, and the beauty and depth of the sibling bond. —Sabrina Ford

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Credit: Netflix

Give yourself the night off and let your wild things tell Bear Grylls what to do instead. Enthralling and educational, this interactive, 90-minute choose-your-own adventure film finds the famed survivalist in need of help after real wild things have breached a fence surrounding a wildlife sanctuary. —Lacey Vorrasi-Banis

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Credit: Tom & Pat Leeson/KimballStock / Kimball Stock

Get the earplugs ready before you gift this book to your budding veterinarian or zoologist so that your eardrums remain intact when they "squee!" and "OMG!" at decibels heard solely by bats or dolphins. With over 200 pages of adorably furry, scaly, and even chitinous critters paired with quirky facts that will be incessantly regurgitated, this Nat Geo Kids collection is an A+ selection. —Lacey Vorrasi-Banis

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Growing up can be hard, even when you're the princess of an advanced utopian nation. Marvel's Shuri takes the spotlight in this action-packed, nail-biting mystery by Nic Stone (Dear Martin). T'Challa's little sister contends with royal duties and arduous Black Panther training, while investigating the global disappearance of brilliant young female tech minds. Stone authored the first book in the Shuri series as well, and she deftly steers middle-grade readers through the familiar Black Panther franchise while continuing to carve out a fresh backstory for the Wakandan princess. —Devan Coggan

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