Watch the full-length trailer for the Pacific Rim: The Black.

Netflix is serving up a fresh shot of Jaeger-meister with some kaiju-size bot battles in Pacific Rim: The Black, a new anime series coming March 4.

The streamer released a full-length trailer for the series, which is based on the world established in 2013's Pacific Rim from director Guillermo del Toro and screenwriter Travis Beacham. The film, a salute to giant-monster movies, saw Godzilla-size kaiju creatures rising out from a portal deep in the ocean. Humanity's only defense was giant Jaeger robots, captained by two pilots who control the bot by entering "the drift," a process wherein the pilots mind-meld with each other.

In The Black, Australia is forced to evacuate the entire continent when it becomes overrun by kaiju. Two teen siblings, Taylor and Hayley, are left behind and travel across this new hellscape to find their missing parents. Their only hope of survival is a long-abandoned Jaeger that they must pilot. The show consists of seven half-hour episodes.

Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson co-showrun the series, which is produced through Legendary Entertainment and Polygon Pictures. Legendary also recently set Tomb Raider and Skull Island anime series to join The Black on Netflix.

Pacific Rim: The Black was first announced during Netflix's big anime info dump in October that unveiled a massive slate of anime titles coming to the platform, including LaKeith Stanfield voicing the first African samurai in Yasuke.

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