Jordan Gavaris, Evelyne Brochu, and Kristian Bruun join Maslany to discuss the past, present, and future of the franchise.

The journey of Sarah Manning and her sestras seemed over when Orphan Black went off the air in 2018, but the BBC America clone drama always has a few twists up its sleeve. Twist No. 1 was when series star Tatiana Maslany returned to the franchise to narrate and voice all the characters (clones and non-clones alike) on season 1 of the podcast series Orphan Black: The Next Chapter on Realm.

Picking up eight years after the events of the TV show, The Next Chapter showed what Sarah, Helena, Alison, Cosima, and yes, even Rachel were up to now, while also introducing a new clone in the form of CIA agent Vivi Valdez. Season 2, which launched Oct. 29, picked up with the clones dealing with the bombshell of their existence being made public to the world.

But there was another bombshell as Orphan Black fans were delighted to learn that original stars Jordan Gavaris, Evelyne Brochu, and Kristian Bruun were also returning to voice their characters Felix, Delphine, and Donnie on season 2 of the podcast. Well, #CloneClub, allow the delight to continue as Maslany, Gavaris, Brochu, and Bruun reunited through the power of Zoom with yours truly to discuss all things Orphan Black — past, present, and future.

Tatiana Maslany on 'Orphan Black'
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The actors recalled their last day on set and saying goodbye to their characters for what they believed may have been the last time when the series went off the air, while also taking fans behind the scenes and naming their favorite moments from the original show. But as emotional as saying goodbye was, the cast also talked about the emotions of coming back to their characters three years later for the podcast. It turns out some of them were quite surprised when they learned what their characters were up to.

Watch the video above to get all the Orphan Black scoop, complete with yet another hilarious Donnie underwear story from Brunn. And check out seasons 1 and 2 of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter wherever you get your podcasts to follow the story as it unfolds.

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