The chart-topping singer comes to the aid of one of the nation's top docs.

Dr. Anthony Fauci got a lesson in internet slang from Olivia Rodrigo.

Since he's a pretty busy 80-year-old, working as the nation's leading infectious disease expert, Fauci isn't up on all the social media hashtags, including "Man Crush Monday."

So, when the top doc sat down at the White House with the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series chart-topper to promote getting the vaccine, he got an explanation on the hashtag.

After Fauci read a tweet giving him a shoutout ("Happy man crush Monday to this hero. Thank you Dr. Fauci for all your hard work. We appreciate your intelligence, [honesty], bravery, [and] compassion. We love you."), and called it "very nice," someone behind the scenes of the shoot asked the doc if he knew about #MCM. And since he didn't, Rodrigo kindly filled him in.

"On Mondays, people like to post a picture of their boyfriends, and they'll be like, 'Oh, Man Crush Monday, this is why I love you,'" Rodrigo explained. "So, it's a big compliment."

And the doctor modestly brushed off the internet accolade. "If Man Crush Monday makes you get vaccinated, go for it," he said.

The pair also discussed concerts, with Dr. Fauci revealing the first show he saw was The Temptations and The Four Tops in New York City back in the 1950s.

"I'm a really old guy," the octogenerian said.

"That's incredible," Rodrigo replied about his first show memories.

Rodrigo has been in Washington, D.C. to encourage young people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. She posted about it on social media this week, sharing a shot of her with President Joe Biden.

"Had the absolute honor of visiting the White House today and chatting with @potus about the importance of getting vaccinated!" Rodrigo shared. "Even if you are young and not immunocompromised, getting your covid vaccination is the best thing you can do for your health and your loved ones' health. YOU have the power to save lives."

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