The season 1 finale of the horror show NOS4A2 ended with Ashleigh Cummings' pregnant heroine Vic McQueen happily coupled with Jonathan Langdon's Lou Carmody and Zachary Quinto's supernatural child-abductor Charlie Manx in a coma. So, can we assume that season 2 of AMC's Joe Hill adaptation is just ten episodes of domestic bliss?

"If only!" says NOS4A2 creator Jami O'Brien, with a laugh. "Yes, in episode ten of season 1 we do see that Charlie is locked up and we see that the Wraith (Manx's Rolls-Royce) has been severely damaged. But we also see a little spark in that engine and we see him wake up for just a moment. Was somebody to get that Wraith going again, it might be the reason for a season 2!"

Below, O'Brien teases the show's second season, which premieres Sunday evening, and what we can expect from its characters — new, old, and immortal.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tell us about season 2 of NOS4A2?

JAMI O'BRIEN: Season 2 is is a bigger season. It’s scarier, it’s faster. In the writers' room, we realized that in season 1, a lot of time is spent with the mysteries of who these characters are, and what their powers are — you know, they’re mysteries to themselves and to each other, and they’re getting to know one another. When we come in in season 2, we already know who they are, we already know what their strengths and weaknesses are, and Manx and Vic already know who each other are, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. So, there isn’t any time for mystery, we hit the road running with these guys just going after each other. The stakes are also much higher this year, because Vic, as we know, has a child (Wayne, who is played by Jason David) and Manx, as we know, likes to take children, so you can bet that he's going to have his sights set on Vic’s son.

What other new characters are you introducing?

There’s a couple of new characters and then there’s a couple of characters with expanded roles this season. We have a new villain. At the beginning of season 2’s writers' room, we were doing San Diego Comic-Con for season 1, and so we were lucky to have Joe Hill in town. He dropped by our writers' room a couple of times and he pitched a new villain who you will meet — I won’t say when because I don’t want to spoil it — but you will meet a new villain on Team Charlie Manx. And then, we also have Lou Carmody, who we met last season but this season has a much more expanded role, he’s up to a series regular, and he is Vic’s partner and Wayne’s Dad. And so we got a new person on Team Vic and we got a new person on Team Manx. Additionally, Tabitha Hutter (an FBI agent played by Ashley Romans) has been upped to a series regular in season 2, so we’ll see much more of her, and also Millie Manx (Charlie Manx's daughter, played by Mattea Conforti) is a series regular in season 2. We will be exploring a lot of her backstory and what she gets up to in Christmasland when Charlie Manx isn’t there.

Had you completely finished the season by the time the lockdown stated?

We were very lucky to finish shooting in mid-January, two months before the lockdown started. It did affect our post- schedule. We were probably about halfway through post when lockdown happened. We were very lucky to be working with Technicolor, who kind of saw what was coming, and they were making plans for getting their folks to work remotely. So, we finished the season remotely.

This may be a weird question to ask given there are no TV shows being made right now, but do you have thoughts about a season 3?

I would love a season 3. And, yeah, we’re cooking up some stuff.

NOS4A2 airs on Sundays 10pm ET on AMC and BBC America.

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