We've all been finding ways to keep the creative juices flowing during quarantine. If you're Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton, for example, you start up an AMC talk show titled Friday Night in With the Morgans. And if you're Norman Reedus, you write a book!

Those two worlds will collide Friday night when Reedus — along with partner Diane Kruger, Elisabeth Moss, and comic book store owner Jean Michel — joins his Walking Dead costar remotely as a guest on Friday Night In. In this exclusive clip from the episode (which was recorded in early May), Reedus explains to the hosts that he is writing a book, but not an autobiography, as many would assume.

"I've been approached about that for a long time," Reedus says of the tell-all idea, "but I just don't want to incriminate any of my friends. If I wrote a book about myself, there would be a lot of people knocking on my door to beat me up."

"Including me," adds Kruger.

So what is the project then? "I'm writing a book with help," explains Reedus without giving the name of his co-author or a time frame for its release. "It's a book of fiction. There are four stories that kind of interact, and they learn through each other on a journey from the East Coast to the West Coast, in a nutshell." The actor-turned-author then expands a bit more: "It's a story of hope and growing up, but it has really nothing to do with my life, although there is a couple of stories that happen to them that are similar to things that happened to me."

When asked by Burton and Morgan whether there is a dark and mysterious character in the book based on Jeffrey, Reedus reveals that "there's a little girl that has a little bit of that, maybe." Let's hope that doesn't mean she sports a leather jacket and barbed-wire-covered baseball bat as well.

To watch the exclusive clip — and to see Moss' reaction — check out the video at the top of the post, and then make sure to tune in to AMC Friday night at 10 p.m. to watch the entire episode and all the high jinks that go along with it.

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