By Ruth Kinane
April 02, 2020 at 11:27 AM EDT

Say hello to Nikki Fre$h.

In the first trailer for Nicole Richie's upcoming Quibi series Nikki Fre$h, the actress/socialite is creating music for the masses ("Teachers, Rabbis, Virgos, but mostly moms and gays," as Fre$h puts it in the preview clip.) via her eccentric alter ego.

Starring and executive produced by Richie, the new comedy series follows Richie's Nikki as she strives to bring her own socially conscious, educational brand of rap (known as "Parent Trap") to the world. The trailer sees her pitching her new brand to her real-life husband Joel Madden and his brother and fellow member of band Good Charlotte, Benji Madden. “I’m bringing a voice to our planet: plants, bees, interspecies," says Richie. "Wellness has a new voice." And that's not all! It also has merch, including reusable water bottles, black veil beekeeping hats and crystal granola.

As Nikki Fre$h drops "socially conscious and educational rhymes," she also interacts with real life seekers and consciousness experts to learn ways to better serve our bodies and our planet. Add some comedic exaggeration to the whole thing and you've got a pretty wild new show to tune in to come April 6.

Watch the trailer above.

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