The Being the Ricardos star made for a tough interview on the NBC late-night show.

Jimmy Fallon is known for making his guests play fun games or take fun quizzes, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than doing just that? But during a recent interview, Nicole Kidman wasn't having any of Fallon's antics.

When Fallon challenged Kidman to one of his "speed rounds" where he was supposed to ask questions about her holiday preferences and she was supposed to return snappy answers, Kidman looked noticeably taken aback.

Nicole Kidman on Tonight Show
Nicole Kidman wasn't n the mood for Jimmy Fallon's holiday quiz: 'Is this really going to make the show?'
| Credit: Sean Gallagher/NBC

"Nobody told me about this part of it," she lamented when Fallon took out his cards. She then proceeded to show her disinterest by giving unenthusiastic answers or plain refusing to answer his questions.

When Fallon asked her about her favorite holiday song, Kidman responded, "Nah," and admitted she had a lot of favorites, leading Fallon to joke, "You're so difficult!" She eventually named her husband Keith Urban's song "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight."

Kidman seemed to loosen up when Fallon asked her about her favorite holiday movie, eagerly adding Elf to his suggestion of A Wonderful Life, and then mentioned pumpkin and apple pie as her favorite desserts. But when he asked if she preferred a real tree or a fake tree, Kidman seemingly couldn't take it anymore.

Nicole Kidman on Tonight Show
Nicole Kidman wasn't impressed with Jimmy Fallon's holiday quiz questions.
| Credit: NBC

"Got anything better on this list?" she asked the host. "Is this really going to make the show?"

When Fallon told her it wasn't, she took matters into her own hands and started to read him his own questions.

When the tables are turned, Fallon does admit the questions — turkey or ham, do you like eggnog? — are actually kind of terrible. When he asked if she has any other questions or if she wants to trade places with him, Kidman simply rips up the question sheet. And we get the sense that it gives her a lot of satisfaction to do so.

"The questions were a bad idea," Fallon concludes, before launching into questions about Kidman's experience playing Lucille Ball in her new film, Being the Ricardos — which she seems to take a little better. At the very least, she doesn't tell him that his interview questions about the movie are terrible.

Watch the interview above with holiday quiz debacle at about three minutes in.

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