The new Hulu series is based on the 2018 novel by Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty

We TV viewers know to expect big things from the reunion of Nicole Kidman, Liane Moriarty, and showrunner David E. Kelley, but the characters of Nine Perfect Strangers may not know what to expect. The new teaser for the forthcoming Hulu series shows that the titular strangers are unprepared for what they find at an isolated wellness resort run by Kidman's character Masha.

Kidman previously starred in HBO's Big Little Lies, based on a book by Moriarty with Kelley as showrunner. Those same credits apply to Nine Perfect Strangers, which also boasts an all-star cast including Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall, and Samara Weaving. The new teaser gives us a look at McCarthy's and Cannavale's characters in particular, and their reasons for coming to the resort.

"This is gonna be the best thing. It has to be," McCarthy says at one point.

Cannavale's character is not so enthusiastic. "I'm not sure I'm really supposed to be here," he says. "Some doors are meant to stay closed."

Other characters talk about Masha -- how she "completely changes people," how she "mixes and matches her guests like a cocktail." She certainly seems to know what she's doing, even if the others don't. The teaser ends with Masha looking directly into the camera and declaring, "there is nothing to fear. You're mine now, and you want to be mine."

Nine Perfect Strangers premieres on Hulu Aug. 18. Watch the teaser below.

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