"I feel like that's a lot of people's last words," the Parks and Rec star says.
Credit: Adam Rose / Netflix

Nicolas Cage is here to give us an education in expletives.

In the new docuseries History of Swear Words (premiering Jan. 5 on Netflix), the Oscar-winning actor explores the curses we love to use, with the help of etymology experts and comedians providing commentary.

The latter camp includes Nick Offerman and Jim Jefferies — who discuss the F‑word as a famous last utterance in the exclusive clip below — and London Hughes, who tells EW she was shocked to learn that Cage was hosting the show.

"Obviously he's a legend, but my brain just didn't even compute that that was even a real thing," Hughes says.

On top of giving her an opportunity to work with someone of Cage's stature, Swear Words proved to be an enlightening experience for the British comedian. "I learned so much about myself and swear words on the show," she says. "I loved it."

Watch the clip above for more.

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