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Full House turned into a one-man show last year when a video of the sitcom's opening title sequence was edited to feature Nick Offerman's face superimposed over every character.

On the latest episode of PeopleTV's Couch Surfing, host Lola Ogunnaike showed the Devs star the unsettling viral deepfake video from Youtube creator Dr Fakenstein for what Offerman joked was his billionth time watching it.

The actor was flattered by the clip titled "Full House of Mustaches," saying "I'm glad that it makes people laugh. I'm glad that it's being used for something positive because the internet is so terrifying."

But, taking a page from the book of his Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson, Offerman said he's suspicious of the possibilities the technology behind the video. "I think someone's setting me up. They're getting ready to threaten me. They're like, 'Last time it was real funny, but next time ... have you seen Eyes Wide Shut? They're going to be coming at me with something sordid."

For more on Offerman, including his feelings on show's he's actually been in, watch his full episode of Couch Surfing here.

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