Nevermore shall we see a guest star stint quite like this one...

Dickinson has consistently knocked it out of the park when it comes to its hilarious guest stars (Wiz Khalifa as Death, John Mulaney as Henry David Thoreau, Zosia Mamet as Louisa May Alcott), but they've outdone themselves with their latest bit of playful casting, featuring Nick Kroll as deceased author Edgar Allan Poe.

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EW has your exclusive first look at Kroll as Poe in this clip from episode 8 of the second season of the Apple TV+ series. The clip showcases the famous poet and author of ghoulish short stories as a drunk and horny ghost.

Climbing into her carriage to hang with her old pal Death (Wiz Khalifa), Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) encounters Poe, who is predominantly eager to know which of his works is her favorite. When she admits she doesn't really know his writing beyond "The Raven," he chastises Death, saying, "I thought we were going to drive around and find fans of mine for me to sleep with."

It's a hysterical take on the notorious author, who was known for being both a womanizer and an alcoholic.

For star Hailee Steinfeld, it was difficult to keep a straight face opposite Kroll. "It was one of my favorite scenes to shoot," she tells EW. "I definitely broke a couple of times because I can't help it. The worst is when you hear people behind the camera laughing, and then, it's almost like that's the 'OK' for you to laugh. That happened multiple times."

Kroll may have made Steinfeld break, but she lives for the days when they have a guest star on set. "Having people come in, other actors, and bring a new fresh perspective to our show is the most exciting thing to me," she says. "Because you get into a rhythm very quickly. With this show specifically, you're always on your toes and having curveballs thrown at you. But you're a part of this foundation, and then, you have someone who isn't, come in and grace and bless us with their talent and their humor."

Kroll guest stars in episode 8, which hits Apple TV+ Friday. Watch the clip for more.

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