Jonas said in the special he's "recovering" after wiping out on a BMX race track.

Nick Jonas had to be hospitalized after fracturing his rib while filming NBC's Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers. Footage of the incident, which was shot beforehand, aired on the network Wednesday at the end of the premiere.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin trained with professional athletes and competed against each other in Olympic events, including gymnastics, track, and biking. It was the latter that brought the pain for the singer and Voice coach.

The brothers had been racing on BMX bikes around an intense track. As they rounded a curve, Nick's bike spun out. Joe and Kevin nearly avoided a three-guy bike pileup, but the producers of the special had to call an ambulance, as Nick was visibly in pain.

"I think the tape kind of speaks for itself," Nick said in a makeshift press conference tacked on at the end of the special. "I always give 110 percent, and sometimes that gets you the gold. In this case, it got me a fractured rib, bruised tailbone, and a hospital dinner. But I'm recovering. Thanks for asking, next question."

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He had told Entertainment Tonight ahead of the special's premiere, "Something just got caught, dirt on the bike and just tumbled. But again, I feel good, surprisingly, all things considered. I was back in my Voice chair right away, kind of said, 'Listen, I'm not going to let this slow me down.'"

Two-time Olympian in BMX racing Alise Willoughby coached the brothers ahead of the BMX track event. "It's important for the brothers to understand the body mechanics of how to get over the jumps because it applies to every single one of them on the track," she prefaced during training.

Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers can also be watched directly on or through Peacock.

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