Cousin Greg has released his answer to "L to the OG."

What has Cousin Greg been up to in quarantine? Getting nominated for Emmys and writing songs about "Antibodies," of course!

The day after scoring his first Emmy nomination (and being threatened with a kick in the balls by costar Kieran Culkin), Succession star Nicholas Braun has dropped the quintessential Blink 182-inspired, pandemic love song of 2020.

"If you come within six feet, it's mask on, mask on, mask on, mask on," he sings on "Antibodies (Do You Have The)." "But if you've got antibodies, it's pants off, pants off, pants off, pants off."

"It's born out of, I was in quarantine, I was in Los Angeles, I was staying at a friend's house," Braun said to Apple Music's Zane Lowe, explaining the track's origins. "They were doing a full lockdown deal and they were like, 'You should be really careful about going out and talking to people.' And I said, 'I might go on a date," and they were like … 'Don't do that. Don't do that.' 'Don't be near a person.' So I was in this two week quarantine away from even my friends in this house and I think my brain just started turning like, what would make this okay? Or what would allow me to go on a social distance walk with somebody? And maybe it's the antibodies. And, obviously, just felt like a punk song because it's the word antibodies … I knew it had to be in the Blink 182, Papa Roach, POD realm."

In a very un-Roy family move, Braun's releasing "Antibodies" in hopes of raising money for Partners in Health and The COPE Program, two organizations working to help those most vulnerable and affected by coronavirus. To donate, listeners can text ANTIBODIES to 50155 or go here.

And now we just wait for "L to the OG" rapper Kendall to jump on the remix.

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