A new teaser video reveals that the epic vampire saga will conclude on May 13.
Credit: Netflix

All good things must come to an end, they say. Vampires probably don't have much use for that saying, but even their immortal stories have to conclude eventually as well. On Friday, Netflix released a teaser for the upcoming fourth season of Castlevania, which will also be the last.

Originally an iconic series of horror-fantasy video games by Konami featuring a family of monster hunters fighting Count Dracula through the ages, Castlevania was adapted into an anime series for Netflix by writer Warren Ellis. The show revolves around three main characters: Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), the last descendant of his legendary vampire-fighting clan; Sypha Belnades (Alejandra Reynoso), a curious scholar and wielder of powerful elemental magic; and Alucard (James Callis), the half-human son of Dracula (Graham McTavish).

The trio's quest to kill Dracula finally succeeded at the end of season 2, which seemed like it could be the end of the show. Instead, Castlevania bounced back in season 3 with its most exciting season yet. As it turned out, Dracula's absence created an incredible power vacuum with all kinds of characters struggling for power.

As Netflix's new teaser video suggests, they'll all come to a head in season 4. Viewers can hear Carmilla (Jaime Murray), Dracula's one-time lieutenant, declaring that she plans to "take everything from everybody." Hector (Theo James), a former servant of Dracula who by the end of season 3 was enslaved by Carmilla's sister Lenore (Jessica Brown Findlay), can be heard saying that Carmilla wants to turn the whole world into "a giant human pen" for vampires to feed on. Viewers are left to wonder what Hector's former comrade Isaac (Adetokumboh M'Cormack), who ended season 3 by amassing his own demon army, might have to say about this.

Watch the video above. Castlevania season 4 hits Netflix on May 13.

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