Leigh Bardugo's epic fantasy series comes to life in this action-packed new look at the Netflix adaptation.

Shadow and Bone (TV Show)

The Fold is dark and full of terrors. Thankfully, the new Shadow and Bone trailer called up a Sun Summoner.

Netflix unleashed brand-new footage of the upcoming fantasy series adaptation of author Leigh Bardugo's fantasy novels, and it lays out just what is at stake on the eight-episode first season.

Adapting both Shadow and Bone (Bardugo's first book in her main trilogy) and Six of Crows (a fantasy heist spinoff story in the Grishaverse novels), the series takes us to Ravka, a land scarred by the Fold, a vast expanse of land shrouded in impenetrable darkness that divides the country in half. Inside are horrifying abominations called volcra, winged beasts that attack anything that tries to cross their terrain. Legend has it that a Grisha — someone who can manipulate matter around them (air, fire, water, shadow, etc.) — will emerge one day who can summon light and banish the Fold forever.

When Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), a lowly mapmaker in the king's First Army, is revealed to be said Sun Summoner, everyone is now after her.

General Kirigan (Ben Barnes), a shadow summoner "Darkling" and leader of the Ravkan king's Grisha army, snatches her up to train at the palace.

"Enemies are threatened by your mere existence," he says in the trailer.

"The whole world will be after you," Alina's best friend Mal (Archie Renaux) warns her.

It's not long before word of her miraculous light display has reached even Ketterdam, a place where criminals run rampant. Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter) and his Crows gang (Amita Suman's Inej and Kit Young's Jesper) are tasked with capturing the Sun Summoner and smuggling her across the Fold.

Eric Heisserer, who wrote the screenplays for Bird Box and Arrival, showruns Shadow and Bone and executive produces alongside Bardugo.

The series premieres on Netflix this April 23.

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Shadow and Bone (TV Show)
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