Netflix's new dating show gives animal magnetism a whole new meaning.
Sexy Beasts
Two creatures go on a date in Netflix's 'Sexy Beasts'
| Credit: Netflix

No, someone did not just slip LSD into your morning coffee — you're just watching the trailer for Netflix's new dating show, Sexy Beasts.

Premiering July 21, the series — which is based on a UK format — is kind of like the illegitimate child of Love is Blind, The Masked Singer, and your worst nightmares. In each episode, singles transform into human-sized creatures through elaborate prosthetics and then go on dates with other, uh, sexy beasts. From there they will choose one person to continue dating — and only then will the contestants get to see each other's actual (human) face. Spoiler alert: Everyone on this show appears to be hot.

As first reported by Variety, Netflix has ordered two, six-episode seasons of the dating experiment, which will be narrated by Catastrophe star Rob Delaney. Check out the full trailer above, if you dare.

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