The raunchy series starring Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos comes to the streaming service June 25.

By Ruth Kinane
June 08, 2021 at 12:16 PM EDT

Sex/Life (TV Series)

The first trailer for Netflix's new drama Sex/Life is here to spice up your Tuesday.

Inspired by BB Easton's book, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, Sex/Life stars Sarah Shahi as horny housewife Billie, who's struggling with being a devoted wife and mother while craving the freer, wilder days of her youth. It's not long before she's indulging in hot, detailed memories about former flame Brad (Adam Demos) - much to the determinant of her marriage.

"It's a nostalgia-fueled, sparkly fever dream, rose-colored-glasses view of the past - and the best sex you ever had," series creator Stacy Rukeyser previously told EW.


From the looks of the new trailer, Billie has reached a point of identity crisis in her life, where she questioning all the decisions that have led her there, while also replaying some very sensuous moments from her past. "I was so blown away by it," Shahi tells EW of the script. "It was just super juicy. It's like biting into the richest piece of chocolate I've ever had and the way Stacy wrote about sexuality and female sexuality was just so refreshing. I felt like it was just so important also to get that out."

Sex/Life heats things up on Netflix, June 25. Watch the trailer above.

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