Netflix announced the continuation of the series will be released a week ahead of schedule.

Netflix announced the second part of Selena: The Series will debut on May 4, with a video showing Christian Serratos finally donning Selena Quintanilla Perez's iconic purple jumper from her 1995 Houston Astrodome performance.

"You heard her sing. Now you'll hear her voice," the streamer captioned a new teaser featuring Serratos and co-stars Noemi Gonzalez, Gabriel Chavarria, and Hunter Reese Peña performing "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom."

Part 1 ended just as Selena's dad Abraham (Ricardo Chavira) discovers his daughter has been secretly dating Chris Perez (Jesse Posey) right under his nose while on tour. The family tour bus makes a pitstop on the road and dumps Chris at a rest stop leaving Selena in tears.

The continuation will reveal the "rise of Selena the superstar," according to series creator Moisés Zamora.

SELENA: The Series
Credit: Netflix

"In part 1, we focused on the birth of Selena and Los Dinos through her family's point of view and Part Two, which has already been shot, is the rise of Selena the superstar," he told EW in December.

Fans can also expect to see Selena's secret wedding to Chris, and Yolanda Saldivar (Natasha Perez) enters the story fully befriending Selena and later taking her life, in the series' conclusion.

Natasha Perez revealed to EW ahead of the series premiere that Selena's death will be handled with the utmost care.

"The series isn't about her death," she said. "Yolanda is there to add tension to what's going on, but what's going on is so beautiful because it's an artist finding herself, an artist emerging and finding her place within her family, and society. Everyone was very careful with how it was all handled. Unfortunately, Yolanda is a part of Selena's tragic story. But the beauty of it all is how her legacy continues until today through her music, her art, and really, her whole life."

Watch Netflix's date announcement video above.

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