The Fab 5 — Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, Karamo, and Tan — are sharing tips to help you live your best life.

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Sure, a new season of Queer Eye just premiered on Netflix, with the Fab 5 working their magic in Philadelphia. But Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness's work isn't done there.

In a new video series (also part of Netflix's FYSEE TV) called Fab Friday, the Emmy-winning show's hosts are taking turns serving up self-care advice each week, offering some tips and motivation to help make your own lives a little better.


Bobby, the show's interior design expert, is all about the home. And lots of people are spending more time than ever in theirs because of the pandemic — some will be working from home for the rest of the year. So the Queer Eye co-host is serving up some tips for creating backgrounds for your video calls (he even has some custom virtual ones at his website), as well as proper camera angles, lighting, and audio. But how does all of that translate to self-care? Use a spot in your home just for work, and only work. If you aren't in that space, don't work. “Keep that space separate, and keep your mind clear,” he says. “Nothing is more important for our mental health than to close that device and focus on our family.” Check out all of his workspace tips above.


Karamo, Queer Eye's culture host, kicks things off with three tips for better interpersonal relationships, "and a better relationship with yourself," he says in the video above. Tackle one issue at a time, he says, rather than convoluting conversations with multiple problems. Being an active listener is also crucial, as is creating a boundary word for when you need to hit pause and process your emotions during a conversation.

"This is not an easy journey to have great interpersonal relationships — if it was we'd all be perfect friends and in perfect relationships," he explains. "But it takes work because it's challenging. But with these tips you'll get there."


Fashion expert Tan kicks off his self-care sesh with a little twerking — in a closet, natch — before showing everyone how to "shop your own closet" to come up with some new looks.

"Find something in your closet that you haven't worn in a long time, and what was old is made new again," Tan says, assuring that it's super-simple to pull off. He gets to work is his own closet, pulling a green shirt that he wore with jeans and white sneakers — "it was a very casual and modern look" — on an episode of Queer Eye and styling (and modeling!) it three different ways with items he already owns: with a blue suit; "maybe tuck it in" with a pair of high-waisted trousers; and lastly, under another shirt paired with black jeans and boots.

"It just goes to show, making that one small effort each day can really have a lasting impression on the way you feel about yourself," he says, imparting some final words of inspiration.


Queer Eye food and wine expert Antoni is back with a new episode of his Netflix digital series Show Me What You're Working With, helping Josh, a musical theater performer who's quarantining in Canada with his parents after productions in Ontario shut down due to the pandemic. After meeting the over video chat, Antoni determines that Josh and his parents have everything necessary to make Nando's Chicken Sandwich, using peri-peri sauce — a sauce made from bird's eye chilis that will be familiar to Josh's parents, who hail from South Africa — as the marinade.

The sandwich, in Antoni's words, is "frickin' delicious" (and it certainly looks it), but when he's not cooking, we learn Five Facts about him via boyfriend Kevin Harrington. Among them: Antoni wears a hat while running, but "not to block the sun because it's on backwards" (Antoni has a perfectly good explanation!); he's a stress cleaner ("He says that he finds it calming," Harrington explains); and Antoni uses love voices.

"The voice that he uses to talk to food is the same voice that he uses to talk to Neon," Harrington says, referring to the dog they were fostering while in Austin.

"I talk to you that way too, don't I?" Antoni questions, laughing.

"Uh, no. The voice I get is actually different, which is making me question everything," Harrington says.

Learn about more of those facts about Antoni in the video above, where he also shares information the Okra Project, an organization that supports the Black trans community.


As Queer Eye’s grooming and beauty host, we often see JVN pull off some amazing transformations with the heroes’ hair. But his work goes way beyond that. Jonathan, who has previously partnered with Biossance to curate a collection of skincare essentials, is encouraging you to make time for a self-care routine, both morning and night. With the help of some eye cream, serum, moisturizer, and facial oils, you’re well on your way. In the morning, finish up with sunscreen; at night; he suggests moisturizing treatments for your hands and feet — and, naturally, your hair. “Invest that time in yourself because it really does help you feel so much better,” he assures. Check out all of his fab tips above.

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