Lisa Bryant tells EW she spoke to one Epstein survivor who "just began sobbing" at the news.
Ghislaine Maxwell
Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein documentary series director Lisa Bryant is speaking out on the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Epstein associate was arrested on sex abuse charges in New Hampshire on Thursday. Prosecutors allege in a six-count indictment that the British socialite helped Epstein groom, traffic, and abuse underage girls as young as 14 years old in crimes dating back to 1994.

Bryant has had a busy morning fielding reactions from people involved with Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. One of Epstein's survivors, Sarah Ransome, "just began sobbing on the phone," Bryan told EW. "She was so relieved, so happy that the main co-conspirator had been arrested, someone she had direct and very negative interactions with."

Speaking more personally, Bryant said she thinks the arrest "is the right move."

"I'd like to see her brought to trial. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But all of our research and the women in the series that we spoke to, all their stories added up and they all mentioned Ghislaine's involvement. I think there's a lot of evidence, overwhelming evidence, or they wouldn't have made that arrest today. I hope that perhaps the awareness that the series created worldwide, and the outrage as most of the feedback was, 'What happened to these co-conspirators? Why aren't they getting Ghislaine?' I hope that that might have put pressure on the FBI to act quickly."

Bryant's docuseries, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, was released in May on the streaming service and documented the mysterious sexual predator's "molestation pyramid scheme" (as one detective puts it) across four episodes, along with new interviews with many of Epstein's accusers. Epstein was arrested last summer on charges of abusing dozens of underage girls and committed suicide in August.

Bryant noted that she was surprised Maxwell was captured in the United States given all the stories speculating that she must have been holed up in some other country and out of reach. "I was surprised actually," she said. "I thought perhaps she was hiding out in a place she would be safe from extradition. There have been a lot of rumors that she might have gone to Paris, she might've gone to L.A. for the In-N-Out Burger, her yacht supposedly was spotted in New Zealand as of last week."

The director added, "She should be worried that she could be behind bars for a long time. And the other co-conspirators should also be very worried that they might be next to be arrested."

EW previously interviewed Bryant about the revelations in Filthy Rich where she teased the possibility of making another episode if Maxwell was arrested. On Thursday, the director noted more content is indeed possible. "Things are so fluid right now," she said. "We haven't had time to talk about anything. I'm certainly not going to rule it out. There's definitely talk of adding more content to Netflix's social media websites."

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