By Marcus Jones
May 22, 2020 at 01:23 PM EDT
Credit: Netflix

[Redacted] may be dead, but Netflix just announced Élite isn't.

The provocative teen drama set at a prestigious private school in Spain just released a YouTube video announcing that Season 4 is officially a go.

More importantly, with things having come to a close with most of the cast graduating from Las Encinas prep school, and rumors floating around that the show would be doing a full reboot, the announcement finally clues the audience in on which cast members are coming back.

As teased in the season 3 finale, Miguel Bernardeau, Itzan Escamilla, Claudia Salas, Omar Ayuso, and Arón Piper will all be donning school uniforms again, respectively playing Guzmán, Samuel, Rebeca, and fan-favorite couple Omander. Meanwhile, Georgina Amorós will be back as the likely now-humbled Cayetana.

Shortly before the season 4 announcement, Netflix also released a video of the departing cast members saying goodbye to their characters, meaning that there likely won't be any season 4 scenes set in New York with Lu and Nadia at Columbia University.

The third season did end with Carla and Valerio still in Spain, running her family's vineyard, so there's always a possibility they may come back and stir up some more drama.

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