Netflix is giving subscribers a second dose of their popular reality shows.

By Nick Romano
March 23, 2021 at 11:30 AM EDT

Netflix subscribers are about to relive their 2020 quarantine binge-watching experience this year.

The streaming platform has set returns for The Circle and Too Hot to Handle, two shows that blew up when all of us were forced to be at home and watch TV under the COVID-19 lockdown.

Season 2 of The Circle will kick off a four-week event with eight new contestants, starting with the first four episodes dropping Wednesday, April 14 on Netflix. The show will then continue to roll out every Wednesday: episodes 5 through 8 will arrive April 21, episodes 9 to 12 will premiere April 28, and the finale will debut May 5.

Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle will then start its own multi-week event on Wednesdays in June. (Specific dates and details TBD.)

It'll be interesting to see how these shows hit in the age of COVID-19 vaccines, when there finally seems to be a light at the end of this long lockdown tunnel.

In 2020, viewers gravitated to The Circle for its premise about people isolating themselves in separate apartments, while competing against each other on a unique social media platform. It was relatable! Too Hot to Handle was also too horny for quarantine; contestants competing for a cash prize by keep their hands off of each other and themselves. Both shows spoke to the times. Will there still be a rabid viewer base once more people get the vaccine and experience life outside of their bubbles again? We shall see.

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