The superhero drama will not return for a third season at the streaming service.

Netflix has some not-so-super news for Raising Dion fans.

The streaming service has canceled the Michael B. Jordan-produced superhero drama after two seasons, EW has confirmed. The news comes less than three months after the series' second season premiered.

Star Sammi Haney announced the cancellation on Instagram Tuesday, writing, "Sad to say that Raising Dion is CANCELED. Thank you for all of the amazing support we got from all of our wonderful fans! Season 2 was a success, equal to Season 1, even if just looking at how many people watched all of it and wanted a season 3!"

Ja'Siah Young on 'Raising Dion'
Ja'Siah Young on 'Raising Dion'
| Credit: Netflix

According to Netflix's weekly top 10 lists of its most popular titles, Raising Dion's second season was among the service's 10 most-watched shows for four consecutive weeks following its release in February.

Based on the comic book by Dennis Liu, Raising Dion starred Alisha Wainwright and Ja'Siah Young as a single mother named Nicole and her son Dion, who starts to exhibit mysterious, superhero-like abilities. The second season saw Dion continue to hone his powers before learning that danger still loomed, and work together with his mother to save the city of Atlanta.

"You come across so many superhero stories that usually are from the perspective of the person inflicted with the powers," Wainwright told EW ahead of the show's launch in 2019. "It was so refreshing to hear the story from the person whose life is so dramatically affected by that: the caregiver of that young person."

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