By Marcus Jones
January 08, 2021 at 11:15 AM EST

On Friday, Netflix dropped the trailer for their new reality series Bling Empire that follows a group of crazy rich Asians in Los Angeles who like to jokingly emphasize the "crazy" part.

Between the extravagant parties, limitless shopping sprees, and casual mentions of $19,000 a month in rent lie an exuberant group of people with ties to Chinese royalty and billionaire fortunes back home in places like Singapore.

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

The group is not all heiresses though. Kim Lee, one of the biggest DJs in East Asia, shows up for some of the fun, as does model Kevin Krieder who serves as a voice for the audience not used to being around a group of people with pockets this deep.

The trailer also gives a taste of some of the incoming drama, teasing a showdown between Beverly Hills-based queen bees Christine Chiu and Anna Shay, and some serious romantic woes cast member Kelly Mi Li faces with her actor boyfriend.

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

For Netflix viewers waiting for whenever another Selling Sunset season arrives, look out for Bling Empire when it premieres Jan. 15, and promises more money and more problems.

Watch the full trailer above.

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