Christine, Kelly, and Cherie dish on tiara etiquette, first date jewelry, and their most expensive gems, on The Netflix Afterparty.

By Gerrad Hall
January 29, 2021 at 10:00 AM EST

It's right there in the title of the show: Bling Empire. Netflix's latest hit reality series focuses on some of Los Angeles' craziest and richest Asians. And while the show is about so much more than expensive cars, lavish homes, pricey vacations, and designer clothes, all of that is certainly part of the allure.

On the latest episode of The Netflix Afterparty, available to stream Saturday, Christine Chiu, Kelly Mi Li, and Cherie Chan get grilled by London Hughes and fellow hosts David Spade and Fortune Feimster about all of their bling, as seen in EW's exclusive preview (above). What would they wear on a first date? And what is tiara etiquette, specifically, "When [can] and when can't you wear one?" asks Hughes. "Whenever you want to," says Cherie, who admits to casually wearing one around the house during quarantine and while playing dress-up with her daughter, Jadore. Christine, though, has a different opinion. "I don't think you should ever wear crowns or tiaras," she says before admitting she only does so in private, at home, and says it took a lot for producers to convince her to wear one on the show.

But the real moment of truth arrives when Hughes asks what we all want to know: What's the most expensive thing you own? Kelly doesn't own it yet, but she admits to having her eye on a yellow diamond ring, which has a price tag of $700,000. "I thought you were going to say $700, and I was like, pretty pricey," Feimster jokes.

Check out the clip above to see Christine's answer (hint: it costs at least one "G"), and find out which items Cherie treasures most. And elsewhere in the episode, Christine gives an update on Necklacegate, and Kevin and Kane also stop by.

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