A set of (presumably) diarrhea-free waterslides
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We sincerely hope you weren't eating when you came across this article.

NBC has shut down production on its competition series Ultimate Slip 'N Slide amid an outbreak of giardia on the Simi Valley, Calif. set. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, giardia is a microscopic parasite "found on surfaces or in soil, food, or water that has been contaminated with feces from infected people or animals," which, when swallowed, causes a diarrheal disease. Not what you want at the best of times; very much not what you want on a set involving slip 'n slides.

News of the production shutdown was first reported by The Wrap, which reports that "up to 40 crew members fell violently ill" on set. A source with knowledge of the production said an outbreak of "awful explosive diarrhea" led to people "collapsing" on set and "being forced to run into port-o-potties."

An NBC spokesperson confirmed the shutdown to EW. Production was halted on June 2 when at least one crew member on the series tested positive for giardia. The show had nearly completed filming, with one week left in its scheduled production, and will not be returning to the original shooting location.

A spokesperson for Universal Television Alternative Studios, which is producing the series, said in a statement to EW, "The health and safety of everyone on our set is our number one priority, so out of an abundance of caution we have made the decision to stop production of Ultimate Slip 'N Slide at the current location. We are in the process of determining next steps in order to complete production."

Hosted by Bobby Moynihan and Ron Funches (neither of whom were infected, a network spokesperson told The Wrap), Ultimate Slip 'N Slide is described as "fresh take on Wham-O's iconic 1960s outdoor game" that "takes the spirit of the classic backyard slide and transforms it into a real-life water park full of gigantic slippery rides with the chance to take home a big cash prize," according to a press release.

The series is slated to premiere Sunday, Aug. 8, following the Summer Olympics' closing ceremony. Whether it will make that premiere date now seems to be a bit of a... crapshoot. (We'll see ourselves out.)

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